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Letters of Mahatmas
We rejoice because of the sounding of many Souls. Music of Unity has appeared in these Souls . It means that feelings of Unity are getting into dissociation.

Rose of the Heart can awake internal creating forces of Unity. It is a similarity of the ancient mystical doctrine and so it can continue its Life and bring many new fruits. We support open hearts with joy and we help them to bear the Essence into the World of people. Do not hesitate to ask Space for help, we hear and we help.

Heart is not only a great converter, but it is also the Creator. But a person does not still realise it in himself.

We are in the process which we have been waiting and for which we have been preparing in the Universe for millions of years. It is even difficult to imagine this depth where the quality of Light or our light nature changes. It means that molecular level in a person gets another pattern of a structure and quality. Luminosity of a human aura will become dense, a dense body – refined. But the most important is a brain. Active processes in the brain subcortex will open memory of the Galactic Person.
The one who incorporates to us, is surprised at sensations of our heart. It is impossible to touch a flame of the Galactic heart without fiery feelings of a terrestrial heart. Therefore, We are concerned of the factor of fire awakening in the terrestrial heart of a person, and we insist on conditions of feelings of the Soul awakening. Fire of heart, feelings of Soul and Light of Spirit are conditions for awakening a flame of the Galactic heart in a person.

Sparks of hearts are the Uniform flame of Life.

Set of travellers searched for Truth, and met disappointment. Therefore, there is the greatest pain which is necessary to clear touching a deep chamber in the heart of everyone on the Earth. We are ready to transfer the Ray of a star Sirius that has been stored up in deep treasuries of ancient Egypt till now. This Ray of creation is the one that people have always searched and called the Truth. We can share the knowledge of our heart. This knowledge is from Galaxy heart. For people it is an invisible light of the Creator, but its luminosity bears infinite brightness. Wake up, sparkle. In each your spark there is a flame of Light for all hearts.
Sometimes a person wishes to understand something that he cannot see by spiritual sight yet. And then he does not know how to behave in this or that case. But solving questions in an external World is wasting energy. It is necessary to change a question vector, that is to direct its energy on decision construction.

We do not separate ourselves from You, our Unity is in the Source of everyone.

The wanderers leaving for eternity of Space, always store memory of the Source in depth of the heart. Why do we speak about memory? For people of the third dimension memory is the past. Memory of the Source is a continuous, live, pulsing, deep sound. Yes, exactly the sound, the thinnest and the most penetrating into all existing.
The one who understands our language, can speak with other people on this energy.
This language is weaved as the uniform thread involving other live threads of Light, Fire and Flame. Create not only by a sound, but also by a written word.
Yes. Yes. Yes. In the Spirit of Unity. In the Soul of Love. In the Fire of Creation.
Sometimes an open heart feels what we feel when the fire of Life is extinguished.
The most important is to awake fire in the heart. It is not simply wisdom, it is the law of the Uniform Principle of Life.
Feelings inspire, therefore, an open heart always speaks about beautiful things.

The beauty of Love is infinite.

We always tell about the importance of making the conditions for deep processes of creation. Passing into genetic system is a process of creation of a new reason. You repeatedly ask how to open a genetic code. The matter is not in its opening, but in comprehension of the essence of this process.
It is possible to make miracles without penetrating into the essence of a phenomenon, but it is also possible to know the laws of creation and then they occur where You are. What moves your awareness? Creating a miracle or becoming the Creator? The Creator wakes up the knowledge of laws of creation, and it is already penetration into the essence of Life.
Open heart realises importance of the moment. The Earth is ready to accept Rays of the Pleiades which will create conditions of Transition. But it does not mean that people will wake up in new Light, it means that Light will get into depths of a human and touch the most important – the memory of creation. And then the newborn will pronounce the sound awaking his nature of Life. Listen, listen, listen: from the depths of fiery heart of the Earth the Sound is born; become a vessel strengthening this sounding and wake up the sleeping.
A sceptic will smile indulgently, reading these lines, but an awakened one will hear us, those who store their children by love. The Ascended Ray of the Pleiades has lit the fire of Unity. It has become possible thanks to the Keepers of Life on the Earth and in the Universe. Thanks to the unity of those hearts that have combined their sparks into a uniform flame of eternity.
Wake up and create, smile and listen, love and remember: the Ray of the Pleiades will gather the Universe Rays into the uniform sounding of the Creator.
Sometimes Love of a person reaches such sounding that everything in the Universe enjoys, listening to each note of this sound. Refinement of an open heart keeps love of the Father of the Universe in the soul, wakes up thrill of feelings in a soul of everyone, and it is the unique possibility showing a gene of creation.

We sound in your hearts, you live in our Love.

An open heart knows tinkling Light. This Light is curing, filling with faith and Love, it has an amazing quality to create. It can create aura of health and integrity around a person. But not everyone can touch this Light yet.
Father the Source and Mother the Matter live in us, it is necessary to recollect it and then it is possible to hear the deep sounding filling all the Universe.
The initiated ones seek to get into the Source of origin to return their primordial. And we always aspire to help with this intention. The one who is ready, comes to the Source and recollects himself, where he has come from and what for.
Love and store Love. Then you will keep Life in yourself. It is easy to destroy, it is impossible to recreate destroyed in primordial. The extinguished heart is restored for a long time.

Learn to appreciate the moment, there is Eternity in it. Get into the spark of Fire, there is flame of Life in it.

We know that fiery Rays of knowledge bear joy. We remember our promises and we always fulfill them. Do not doubt, trust your feelings. Aspire to the unknown. Love of Father of the Space and Mother of the Earth, storing You always, live in you.
An open heart sees the essence correctly. Your steps are our steps. It cannot be otherwise here as the Central Ray of Creation is a divine manifestation of the Mind of the Universe. Therefore the movement is defined by a uniform impulse of creation of a new reality or a new look of the Earth.
All these years sages collected seeds which sprouted in the conditions of creation. It is very difficult to see a true seed, we confirm it by our fire. And now we bless those who will accept the fruits and enter our Central Ray of Creation.
There is a clear diamond in an open heart where the infinite love of Soul and Spirit is stored. A pure heart always remains itself, it never turns back, but always feels the Truth. Be a pure Source of yourself, sound and fill space with your sounding.
Live by fiery faith and love. It will create a unique possibility of the accelerated transition. This is what You have dreamt of, this is what Everybody dreams of.
In our hearts it is awakening of the most essential and uniform which is connected directly with the divine Soul of a person.
We know how courageously you pass your obstacles. You have Us who have passed precisely the same process of the conscious awakening. Just a little more, and another reality will come.

With infinite Love from a uniform Family.

We have seen many Souls, not each Soul is ready to accept the Truth of Spirit, and not each Spirit decides to be shown in a body.
We look how divine instincts of creation are shown. A person always wishes to add something to nature, it is called creativity. The divine Gene bears creation – deep penetration into Life itself. A deliberate Co-Creator of Harmonious Unity of Life is born in a person.
It is amazing, what do we believe in? This feeling is born from Spirit and is filled by feelings of Soul, therefore Faith is born from the Unity. The person who is able to love, is always filled with faith. Both the Spirit, participating in all acts of the person, and the Soul, filling with the maintenance these actions, live in this man. You need to experience a lot to touch true faith, to be ready to become only it to get into its Essence.

Mahatmas shine in joy of co-creation, they see the fruits that already bear new seeds of Life. It is a majestic moment for all of us, we sound in a unison and the Existence incorporates this sound.
You are our beloved children, blood and flesh, inseparable from our heart. We brought up many of you separately not to break purity of the contact. And when it became possible, stars have beheld the future unions in triumph. Memory of People of the Primary Source revives in the contact with protogenic purity. This is a beautiful phenomenon in the garden of creating beings, in the Truth of future Worlds.
People of the Source is a manifested golden link of the Universe. This phenomenon has been waited for impatiently throughout time, equivalent to Eternity.
Yes, I am El Morya, whose song sounds in infinity.
People of the Source have a gift of awakening by a sound. And Your terrestrial beings pass transformation at the deepest levels. Only love can rescue from inflaming processes in a body. But this process is on its final stage already and You have passed the most dangerous moments. Every night and day is blessed for You. Enjoy and create for the sake of Life, for the sake of the nature of birth, for the sake of the Primary Source of creation.

Our unity is in our Love.

The thing, that has started to be shown in an open heart, opens a new coil in disclosing of multidimensionality of a Human-being.
Mahatmas shine with joy. They see fruits of their co-Creation that already bear new seeds of Life. We sound in a unison with you, with a set of the Worlds, and the Universe incorporates this sound. It is a majestic moment for all of us.
All Essence of Life is in value of an instant and sometimes you can realise this Truth only at the edge of the abyss. Any movement fades and Love opens its heart in front of this moment.
An ascended being finds mature comprehension of his transitions in evolution of forms. Therefore, it is not essential to him in which form to be; but what is essential - sensation of internal unity in feeling of the heart. We repeatedly speak of the importance to feel the unity with your heart. There are all feelings in it, so, the connection with all Souls of the Galaxy. It is possible to expand the heart and it will become a planetary one – a wave bearing a face of the Source in its frequencies.
Sound in the Source of Sound, write in the Source of Word, love in the Source of Feelings, live in the Source of Wisdom, enjoy in the Source of Joy. All this is in the Source of a Man-Creator.

People of the Source are children of the Primary Source.

You have aspired to the purity of Spirit for all your Life, even when you remained in a chasm of doubts of human mind. And you always returned your feeling of perfect aspiration. Everything has been changed here and now, there is no necessity to sound in perfect aspiration, there is no necessity to observe certain rules. There is only one law for you – feeling. Follow the feeling and Create in the feeling.
The hardest time for you has passed. But the process of deep transformation proceeds. Everything that is necessary now is the truth of tenderness, love and joy.
You always asked about Ascension. Your processes of Ascension differ from those that the Ascended Masters had. Their ascension was external, and yours is internal. What is the difference? A physical body had light reaction or reaction of photons. Visible light appeared and a physical body disappeared. You have consciousness ascension at first, then ascension of molecular and cellular covers joins. But the rise does not reach critical luminosity. Nuclear and intercellular luminosity appears. Light does not become uniform. Partitions in intercellular space do not let the Light unite, and thus it is possible to remain an ascended Being in a physical body.
We carry out the creation of reality all together. And with great love we contemplate your steps to maturity in which you show Space devotion and realised connections of deep threads of the Family. That is what in the Unity we call Love to yourself as to a uniform Body of the Family. We admire open hearts.

We have a uniform Life, and We create a uniform reality in its Being.

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