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Letters of Mahatmas

Love is a condition for disclosure of Unity.

Will is a condition for the development of personality. If a person needs a teacher, the Unity is necessary for disclosure of an individual. The stage, where the human race is now, is a movement from a personality to an individual, and from an individual to an ascended being. It is necessary to learn to distinguish these layers carefully.

Maturity has not been reached in the collective consciousness of Earthlings yet, but the tendency of the pattern of this movement is shown. Many people say that there is no time for wanderings. A person lives in external time, the inner content of a human lives in eternity. We are balancing between external time and internal eternity.

Many Souls together embodied the Idea, which has become a living field, possessing Galactic Pleiadian Light. This living field is permeated with fiery love of the Ascended Masters and divine Knowledge. We have always known the Essence of this knowledge and many people in the world believed that the Truth exists.

Ascended Masters are proud to behold the fruits of the seeds planted on the Earth by Unity of the Galaxy. They help those who are directed to reveal the Truth within themselves, who follow their divine feelings, who accept the knowledge of the Unified Philosophy of Life. All this is necessary for the connection with the race of the Primary Source, those who brought the seed of the Creator to a man, and all living things are involved in this.

This is something that is dear to you and that is appreciated by us.

We see all aspects of human Life.Be with us, penetrate into the very heart of Light, and You will feel our Unity. Now the process is going that releases the destructive energies which are carrying out the information of already non-existent past from the layers of human consciousness.

The next step is manifestation of a beautiful Unity, which is led to the Earth's core and layers of human consciousness. The constructive process is going in every breath of our co-creation, repeatedly reinforced by the very multidimensionality.

An open heart feels the fire of Life. It is transparent in its refinement.

This is a state of penetration into all surrounding, but at the same time, the surrounding freely penetrates into you. And you need to be ready for these sensations. Infinite Love and Universal pain incorporate. In this state there is a point where the sensation of the end and the beginning of different poles of emotions and feelings is simultaneous. And here a Divine spark becomes a fiery heart, a fiery heart becomes a flame of the Creator.

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