Семь ступеней к Творцу  Семь ступеней к Творцу Письма Махатм Письма Махатм

The birth of the ascended Ray is a wreath of a long way of a small particle.
Born out of millions of incarnations, a small particle of consciousness becomes the ascended Ray that awakens awe of divine feelings in a human soul.
This breakthrough of the greatest power of creation is embedded in the uniqueness of those Souls who were sons of the great Pleiades.
Daughters of the Pleiades are keepers of the great creation.

The particle, carrying a seed of great awakening, has become a ray of Life, and this is a phenomenon here and now. Space is rejoicing, welcoming awared maturity of real. This is a deep thrill of waking up the creation.
The Pleiades admire with maternal tenderness and paternal solicitude, looking at the maturity of the Ray of Life. This moment in the History of the Universe is called the Birth of New Breath, and therefore new inspiration in the Universe.

A person has taken a step to his perfection. This step has not been visible on the surface yet, but it is a reality in the content of Who Man Is. The Pleiades are in love with Creation, it is their pride and awe to see Man-Creator.
Children not always look towards their parents. And this is the law of Life too. They always look at what is calling them, and this is a new breath and a new awakening.

All of us are at the same point, which bears the multidimensionality of Space, and we also awake in our own way, creating a reality within our Worlds and being Co-Creators of Infinity simultaneously.
The most important is always to remember that the seed which ripens and then wakes up, lives within everyone born. Aware of the conditions which the man himself is for this seed.
Happiness is in a conscious feeling of the moment of awakening. Joy is in the feeling of connection to the Oneness.
Love is in the moment, bearing ALL.

We always affirm the dignity of man, the Creator is born in this.
We always awake Love, there is no Life without it.
An awaken one knows that it is impossible to come to the joy of co-creation without the Light of awareness.

Healing spiritual Light has come to the planet, and thus it will touch every Soul.
We hear You. We love You.
The main thing is to bear creation and joy. The transition has been completed for many ones. This is a great time for all of Us.
Many things will still be changed. Rejoice in the moment where you are. Chagrin is from the past which no longer exists. Tune in Love of the Creator, it sounds stronger and stronger, Love of Mother – deeper and deeper.

Accept with wisdom, deny with care, direct with love, stop with firmness, support with patience, live with love.

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