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Rose of the Heart

The nature of co-Creation.

The ancient Doctrine about Soul and Spirit is connected with Heart and a rose.

The rose of Soul lives in the heart, the heart of Spirit abides in the rose.

Create in your heart not only by feelings, but also by images. Create and fill Creation with a light stream of Spirit. The image in heart is projected into the matter and starts to get a reality.

Imagine a rose in your heart centre, similar to the image in the drawing «Rose of the Heart». It starts to dismiss the petals.

We see graphic representation of the matrix «The Key of Creation» inside the flower, and there is a light stream of Spirit inside the Key of Creation.

Rose of the heart is a projection of our Soul, the most gentle tool of the Universe. Our Spirit is the greatest executor.

If the Soul sounds – the Spirit creates, its light stream projects everything into the matter.

Imagine “Rose of the Heart” in your energetic Heart center, the Key of Creation - in the Heart rose. Enter the centre of the Key of Creation, the light stream of Spirit, and create your joyful image in it, or an image of what you aspire to. Fill your creation with wonderful feelings of Soul, and let it be shown in the Matter.

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