Семь ступеней к Творцу  Семь ступеней к Творцу Письма Махатм Письма Махатм

Flower of the Creator

The flower of the Creator has come from the divine garden to let this divine garden blossom on the Earth.

A person always misses himself and it pushes him to look for the Source.

The site connects people with the race of the Primary Source, an amazing race of the Beings whose cleanliness is comparable with the morning dew, drops of which bear love of the Father-Sun and all joy of the Mother-Earth.

The face of Beings of the Primary Source can be caught in the eyes of those people who are in the state of sincerity, love and internal spiritual freedom.

Race of the Source are Keepers of a Person-Creator and many people hear a call of the Source in trembling of triumph of their Being.

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