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The Awakening of Inner Creator

The course involves ten initiations into deep nature of the existing Reality. Each initiation is a step to yourself, to your integrity – to the Creator within.

«The Awakening of Inner Creator» opens a new space for the people, who are ready to accept themselves, their Cosmic nature. This is a space of creativity and beauty. Every rational being builds relations on the basis of a uniform principle of divine harmony of Life. The course teaches this philosophy, revealing in a person a fundamental point of support, the Source of Space energy and divine qualities.

Life continuously strives for perfection which has no limit, but at each stage has its completeness. The awakening of inner Creator is a possibility to feel yourself as a complete being and to realise that a human creates everything out of himself «by image and likeness of God», which means that he learns to be really responsible for his Life.

New time comes with its philosophy. To accept and love yourself is to touch the most delicate and intimate part in you – Life and its Essence – God. The Universe is built on comprehension of the value of this practical philosophy. But to love yourself, it is necessary to feel who you are, what you consist of. The course “Awakening of Inner Creator” reveals the idea of the system "Human", his Terrestrial and Space nature.

There are no easy ways to spiritual enlightenment, there are joyful ways. Divine feelings bring endless energy of inspiration. And when a person touches this energy – he glows. The course is based on the principle of wave nature of Life and it clears up refinement of perception through divine feelings .

Great Time has already come into our Life. Harmony of our Life is impossible without realizing of what it brings. Paradise is creativity, therefore it is impossible to create paradise for a person without his participation. We truly appreciate just what we create ourselves.

The course «Awakening of Inner Creator» introduces divine tools and shows a person in practice how to use them for healing of a physical body and in everyday Life.

The biggest achievement in my Life is I myself. I have converted myself to realize it.


The Awakening of Inner Creator

Divine feelings are not only the uniform language among existing forms of Life, but it is also the deliberate key to the New Reality.

The Energy Perception of Life.

Ways to the ability to feel energies, to distinguish, create, transform, receive and transmit their information.

Disclosure of feelings of Soul.

Disclosure of the energy center "Heart". Awakening of the refined feelings of Soul for complete perception of Life. The development of feeling as the way to consciousness of infinity.

The feeling of the Creator within us.

Pulse of the Creator is a tuning fork defining inner harmony.

The Spiritual Essence.

Ways to reveal the essence of things and the essence of your being.

The Point of Stability.

Spirit is an internal core of sustainability.

The Divine Source.

Feelings as an infinite source of divine energy.

The Cosmic Philosophy of Life.

The uniform principle of harmony, unity, integrity of Human life and the Cosmos.

The Transformation of a physical body.

Spiritual transformation of human physiological systems. Understanding the cellular World, disclosure of cell consciousness.

The Destiny.

Divine and terrestrial mission of Human.

The Cosmic Code.

The manifestation of individual uniqueness of a person.

The biggest achievement in my Life is I myself. I have converted myself to realize it.

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