Семь ступеней к Творцу  Семь ступеней к Творцу Письма Махатм Письма Махатм


This section is devoted to revival of genetic memory. Our speech has lost live sounding of Soul. So a person has lost the connection between the Soul World, the cellular World and surrounding nature.

All living things sing their unique melody. The chorus of the Uniform is multi-faceted. The mystery of a living word disappeared in the darkness of centuries when the song left our speech. Our cells passed to sounding of their internal melody, therefore a person ceased to hear and understand his inner world, as a result - the surrounding nature as well.

The uniform language of mankind contains the frequency of genetics of the Uniform Star Race of children of God in its wave pattern.

The variety of languages of the Earth means that the Uniform Image of perception of the world has been lost. This image created the Divine picture of the World in human imagination.

Native speech is a key to a chromosome. A chromosome is the book of Universal library, genes are the alphabet. Live speech of a person clears up an internal melody of feelings of Soul which collects live patterns of genes in chains of interrelations with surrounding nature and infinite Space. The live alphabet of genes is very mobile and collective.

The section «I AM GRATEFUL TO THE SOURCE» connects a live thread of Soul to terrestrial consciousness of a person.

Each “leaflet” is a page of singing memory. Reading a "leaflet", clear up your song of Soul. Combining the singing words in any order, create a beautiful image.

Wisdom of the race of the Source revives as a new pre-dawn Reality through the awared sounding.

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