Семь ступеней к Творцу  Семь ступеней к Творцу Письма Махатм Письма Махатм


-I always look at roses with admiration. Once, passing by growing rosebushes, I noticed with surprise how petals of one rose were vibrating. It was so unexpected that I exclaimed with delight:

– You are so beautiful!

– You smell perfect, – sounded in me. It was vibrating and its divine aroma was extending around me. I felt myself in the garden with roses. Then I often came to this place. Other roses were growing there already, but the feeling of participation to their World has remained in me forever.

Everyone can come as Messiah to himself and transform his World.

A lonely Wayfarer, who had already been wandering for many years in the search of meaning of life, stopped at the mountain foot. He often saw the Great Top in his dreams and knew that having reached it, he would discover the Truth. His heart was trembling with joy, but the top, being dressed in a white ice cap, looked at the Traveller with a proud unapproachable sight, it was indifferent to his destiny. The Wayfarer felt that he was losing everything what he had been living with all these years, depriving himself of food and a shelter. He was standing devastated. The power which lifted him in the most difficult days of asceticism, was leaving him.

For all these years the Traveller had been searching for the Great Meaning of Life and, having reached the Great Top, he felt emptiness in his soul. He had been standing motionlessly for a long time, and then, having regained consciousness, sat down on a small stone. He closed his eyes and passed into the state of emptiness again. But it had been proceeding not for a long time. He clearly heard inside a slow whisper of the stone:« I have been living here for a long time and I have seen many travellers. Each of them brought his destiny with him. I have heard many stories and I know mankind well. My childhood passed on the abandoned field, among a big family of weeds. People dumped waste on this field and gradually, decaying smell was getting into their houses more and more. They did not notice how they stopped smiling and started to be at enmity with each other. The dump was getting into their souls more and more deeply. There were cigarettes, alcohol, drugs and debauchery. Once a miracle happened: a family of roses appeared in the field of weeds. The news flew around all the dump at once and it caused rough indignation. But the family of roses had their life, extending divine aroma around. Gradually, the aroma of roses started to get into the souls of people. And people started to plant gardens with roses. One beautiful morning they came to the dump and brought rosebushes. Since then each family learnt to protect their garden. Many years had passed and people forgot their history. There were again dumps and again a decaying smell started getting into their hearts ».

The Pilgrim rose. He understood suddenly that a truly great top is in a human heart, you can warm all the World with it. It was an instant of great joy and knowledge of what he should do in this World. There were tears in the Pilgrim”s eyes, and his heart was filled with gratitude. He looked at the sky and saw stars.

Stars are associated with dream, they awake the state of participation in the Great movement of Life. They remind a person of his far home to which the soul always aspires and to which it always comes back.

The dawn had come, a new day began. The first rays of the sun touched a slope of the mountain and twitter of birds blew up silence. The Pilgrim looked at the top, but his thoughts had already been far away, where the usual life of people was proceeding.

A person goes to his Essence, developing the intelligence logically, opening the soul intuitively, comprehending the Spirit consciously. On this road, to be exact, off-road, there are a lot of dreamers staying at the place. Searching ones, having lost their way. They are full of knowledge but they have lost the way to themselves. And there is his own illusion for everyone in this World. It happens so often that we take illusion for reality, not because we are mistaken,but because that illusion has become a part of us. In it we transfer hands of a clock and consider that we change time. We believe in miracles, but we forget that a true miracle is Life. We wait for the redeemer but we do not wish to know, who we escape from. Illusion is fine, as well as it is deceptive, and only in illusion there is search for the Truth, as everything is true in reality. If a person lives not as we do but he feels happy, we consider him to be a fool. But if the fool feels happy, he is a wise man in eternity. We search excuses to ourselves and find claims to others. We look for the best life but find slavery. In illusion blind belief leads to the fact that people see the World with eyes of others and cease to see the World through their essence. And then it becomes possible to sacrifice one person for the sake of many, to condemn others and to judge yourself. Not a person himself but his deeds are important in illusion. It is not important what heart knows, it is important what ears hear and eyes see. But illusion passes, as everything passes in illusion. And then it becomes obvious that what is justified in eternity is the only truth. That each person is a prophet if his heart hears. That we forgive insults when we ask forgiveness from those who have offended us. True things are so simple that mind is not able to accept them, therefore clever people go to the Truth eternally.

The Pilgrim did not notice as the day had passed and the sun was reaching the horizon. The nature was preparing for great rest after great activity. He lay down on the grass and fell asleep.

... The Ship of Light, rushing in the Ocean of Life, having opened its golden sails to all winds, skilfully operates the force of the

Wind itself. But if you just lose balance, waves throw the ship into the abyss of chaos. But it appears on a wave crest again, having dismissed the sails and directs to the far Earth. The Spirit itself conducts it to the Temple of Truth, to the true pier for everybody who floats in the Ocean of Life…

Then the Pilgrim saw a mountain slope where people were slowly climbing step by step to the top. The long chain was going up into the sky and came back to the Earth. But the Pilgrim did not see himself among these people. He was bearing the Great Top in his heart.

A dewdrop rolled down from a big leaf onto the lips. The Pilgrim smiled and opened his eyes. The nature was waking up, its whirlpool was tightening everybody into its movement and everyone had his own destiny in it.

Mind requires thoughts, soul requires feelings. What is wise for a clever man, is natural for wise. A wise man does not argue, because he knows. A clever one does not know, therefore he argues. Logic is a way to the Truth for a person of mind. For a person of heart the Truth is a way of love. A phenomenon of wisdom is in the fact that wise people do not hasten as they are not late. Clever ones hasten not to be late. A silly person searches guilty ones, clever – teachers, wise– himself. They always seek elsewhere, but always find inside. The same with the Truth. It is not necessary to search for it, you just need to incorporate to it.

True things are natural as air, they have no price. And the thing, that is without price in illusion, is without respect. In illusion they respect illusion as they do not see the reality, they respect a shape as they do not see its essence. Energy is a true price of our life which they appreciate the least in illusion but spend the most.

To help a person against his will, means to go against God. Therefore the help comes not to those who suffer, but to those who are ready to accept it...

The day was finishing. The Pilgrim saw a small settlement and decided to stay there for the night. But next morning he did not leave.

In this settlement everyone led his own life and cared only of himself. The Pilgrim recollected the stone’s story. And he felt love in his heart.

Years were passing by. Children were growing. He loved people and awoke this gift by his heart in them. The Pilgrim spoke about the Great Top a lot. People were gradually changing. There were many flowers and trees around. The nature generously shared its wisdom. Love started to come back to people. But a long way was still ahead and not everyone was ready to it.

A person is guided by extreme measures, therefore he does not see what is in the middle. He sees good in good. In evil– evil. And as a result he does not see the Essence. The Essence is neither in evil nor in kindness, but it is in rising to wisdom. Everything is worthy respect even if, in our opinion, it bears harm. If evil remains in loneliness, it disappears. But then kindness disappears as well.

How will we meet the reality and how will we be able to accept it? This question draws and frightens simultaneously. It frightens those who are in time and draws those who are in eternity. Perhaps there is an illusion to see yourself from outside? Maybe in a reality we are not present? We do not exist in such a way as we wish to see it or as the others see us. Imagine that everything is possible, and let the reality itself show what "I am" and that "there is I".


He has loved evil in himself and only love has stayed in his life.

Wandering in the star space Spirit often visited the planet of people. He liked everything in people: fanaticism and naivety, kindness and rebelliousness. He admired sincerity with which people loved and hated. Meeting a mature soul, the Spirit opened the Truth to it. Participating in battles, the Spirit brought victory to the worthy. Once His attention was captured by the Pilgrim sitting alone on the mountain slope. The Spirit incorporated to his heart and billions of the thinnest threads in the Pilgrim’s soul were illuminated with divine Light. The Pilgrim began to cry, he felt greatness of divine love. Since then the Spirit started to direct the Pilgrim, gradually opening him the Idea – "Human-being".

People are not aboriginals of the Earth. The Earth has accepted wanderers of other Universes as its children. A person has gradually lost the sensation of his Space home. Since then stars have been waiting for their children, knowing that the children will come back.

The Universe of the Central Suns has created a human as a genetic Tree of Life. Instinctive, intellectual, intuitive and awared knowledge was collected in his being and that opened the possibility to pass many links of natural evolution on the planets of initial forms. But the most important mission of Human-being is in transformation of Universes. Beings and energetic streams are transformed through human Essence. The form and content is transformed. Possessing such a unique possibility, a person himself could both degrade and be improved.

– I will open you the knowledge which you will be able to transfer to people, - the Spirit said.

– Why don’t you speak to people yourself? – The Pilgrim asked mentally.

– If I am shown in your physical World, people will look at me as at God. Knowledge should come from a person to have natural process of perception.

Intuition is a telepathic channel of Spirit. Logic is a human language of understanding. People naturally get Space knowledge through science. In the World of Spirit it is called «The program of Earth dwellers’ training». Earlier only the Universe of the Central Suns bore Divinity. All other space of the Universe was at an evolutionary stage of fauna. Therefore, a tool "Human" was created to transform the entire Universe into Divine Love.

Gods descended into the Universes and lost their true knowledge to become people. Now Human returns his heritage, realizing who He is. When the Great Transition takes place, all the Universe will be shone with Divine Light. Therefore, I want my voice to be heard, and for this purpose you need to come back to the World, accept it and learn to live in it.

– And how to learn it? – the Pilgrim asked.

– You need to learn it from ordinary people. To make a family and take care of it. And the most important is to return the desires as for a long time already you need nothing. Your natural desires have disappeared. You are dead in this World, how do you want to help it?

The Pilgrim was silent. Then the Spirit continued.

– The more aspiration to a spiritual Source you have, the less terrestrial desires are left, but it is impossible to create paradise on the Earth without terrestrial desires. It is a high task to return desires and to keep spirituality. Descending into the Matter is as difficult as ascending to Spirit. But you need to combine Spirit and Matter in you to come to divinity.

You have already repaid all debts to people and God. Sacrifice in all its displays has disappeared together with debts from your life. You, as a little child, have pure desires, i.e. your wishes bear joy but not the desire to receive. You are capable to give yourself to Life; therefore, you do not have specific goals but aspiration to the Essence. You have rejected intermediaries and pure knowledge has come to you. You have released illusion and pure heritage– a real face of Human - is left in you . The Earth has been waiting for all these gifts.

Masculine and feminine are not balanced in people. Masculine should lift feminine in itself. And feminine should lift masculine. Masculine personifies Spirit. Feminine – the Matter. Men with a weak machismo reach for women, as women with a weak feminine – to men. It is expressed not only in sexual desires, but also in feelings of heightened interest. A woman with a strong feminine does not feel deficiency in men, as a man with a strong machismo – in women. When these processes are balanced, relations between a man and a woman become spiritual, there is no distortion in perception of each other; and incompatible, at first sight, qualities are combined: resoluteness and love, softness and power, hardness and kindness. Then it is possible to rise to the Existence itself, bearing qualities of two Great Beginnings.

People connect power with authority. But true power is Faith...

There was a pause. The Pilgrim rose slowly and left for the garden. He spent a lot of time in his garden, looking after roses. "Faith is knowledge of soul", – the Pilgrim thought. "The knowledge of what already exists. Therefore, if there is faith, there are no doubts in what a person does. Faith is panacea which people search".

For already a year the Pilgrim had been living among people, understanding and accepting them. Gradually people got used to him, and he got used to the terrestrial life. The Pilgrim often told about illusion and reality, showing a thin line dividing these great spaces, explaining that the World communicates with people through its fragments. And people communicate with the World through their correspondence to these fragments – to things, each other and nature. He told people that a person could grow fond of evil and then extreme measures would disappear in his life, as any extreme measure led to destruction.

The Pilgrim came into the house, sat down in his favourite pose, having bent his legs, and plunged into the Spirit World.

– To transform evil in yourself – it is to rehabilitate Devil, then evil will cease to exist in subconsciousness of a person. If a person sees Devil in the World, he will find it even in God. Malicious is not from evil, but from distortion of this concept. If there is no harm in a person, there is no harm for him in the World. Everything, what a person sees in the World, exists in him. Illusion only teaches wisdom. And the one, who accepts illusion for the Truth, deceives himself.

Life appeared simultaneously in the entire Universe and its development from micro to macro happens at the same time. There are civilizations, which people call dark, and they call people stupid. All this happens because of false impression about each other. They both came out of one Source. And they will come to the Source, having given it themselves.

People aspire to light. But only darkness aspires to light. Darkness needs light for transformation of itself. Light needs darkness for realization of light. It is impossible to transform the World only by light if darkness does not participate in it.

Everything what exists, is worthy of Life. The ideas of people about Life define their relation to it, i.e. their morality. The Pilgrim smiled, and the Spirit continued.

- Dignity of a person is in his uniqueness. You could come to the planet as a Holy man whose name is already known by Earth dwellers. But you refused, having decided that this phenomenon has already been in the World. Yes, it was the test and you confirmed your uniqueness by this decision. People wait for coming of Messiah, connecting this phenomenon with a concrete name. But it does not exist in reality any more. It exists only in imagination of people. Everything is in constant transformation of itself, it neither disappears nor repeats itself. Therefore, it is not necessary to idealize illusion, but you do not need to neglect it either.

According to imagination of people God is something infinitely big, ubiquitous, getting through, all-knowing, defining. That is it is the Essence of every being, the reason of each consequence, the kernel of each form. Information possesses these qualities. Micro is proving through macro: an apple seed bears information of the tree. A cell bears information of a person. Atom – information of the Universe. The closer to pure information, the more powerful consequence is. The body of information is energy. The body of energy is matter. Divine information is neither energy nor matter, it is vibration. It is the thinnest vibration, a rhythm, giving the beginning to energetic threads which is weaved into boundless networks of matter. Therefore, God initially knows how His body should look like.

If creation gets out of the control of information, the process of self-destruction begins. For example, if a tree branch does not have the feedback with an information matrix of the tree, as consequence, the branch dries up. Nature lives by this principle, everything is reasonable in it. This is how illnesses appear in a person. The uniform principle of Life is matrix of consciousness. Everything that exists, is created in the image and likeness. It means that each being consists of consciousness matrixes.

There is always a possibility to incorporate to the original and to restore a system if the information ring is broken at any level. A physical body is a system. When a person wishes to raise a hand, he does not think how he does it. Precisely, the Universe is a system. It is not necessary to think, how the information matrix of a physical body or soul is arranged, to start the process. It is enough to wish to incorporate to the Original matrix. Thought and Will. You have thought and incorporated – this is a Thought. You have wished and received – this is a Will.

Steps were heard. A child ran into the room. By sight he was no more than six years old. His inquisitive eyes caught the Pilgrim’s state at once.

– Why are adults so serious? - he thought. - Life is a game, but the game of adults is so boring. Perhaps, they have stopped playing? Or they have ceased to be children?

He looked at the sitting Pilgrim once more, smiled to Spirit and ran out into the yard.

-Adults miss childhood, – the Pilgrim thought. - When adults lose a child in themselves, they lose their naturality.

The Pilgrim got up and went into the garden too. Children were standing near the rosebush, admiring a butterfly sitting on the flower. He felt a rhythm of children’s breath, they were as one organism. The Pilgrim started to observe the butterfly and stopped feeling the body. Having looked around, he saw not children, but butterflies flying around the rose. Amazing aroma, full of freedom and love, filled the space. Next moment the Pilgrim left this state of being. The heart rhythm was coming back to a usual rhythm of a person. The children saw the Pilgrim too and at once surrounded him. They suggested playing another game. He rejoiced with children as only children can rejoice.

In the evening, admiring the star sky, the Pilgrim recollected the children and thought: "If a person can keep a child in himself, he will be able to build Paradise in his world". Paradise is not only a place but the ability to live in a uniform rhythm with nature, i.e. to feel a rhythm of other hearts.

We do not realize in what game we play, and, as a result, we always lose something. The world of illusion is the World reflecting our most secret desires which we sometimes do not know about, but which become our reality in illusion. Therefore, everyone has a possibility to become the one whom he truly wishes to be. There is wisdom for the wise. Slavery – for slaves. Freedom – for free people. Poverty - for beggars. Wealth - for the rich. Spirituality - for spiritual ones…



You cannot create Paradise in the World without creating it in your life.

A gray-haired, but still well-built Old man was slowly walking down the rose garden. Some women were sitting on the bench, some children were watering grass nearby. "Here are already grandchildren who take care of the garden," thought the Old Man and remembered how it all had started. He reminded an abandoned vacant lot and a small wooden hut. People did not come immediately. And not at once they believed that it was possible to create a garden at that place. Being still a young and strong man, he impressed people with his hard work and endurance. He got up with the sunrise and worked until dusk. The Earth gave him strength, and he gave his love to the Earth.

Every evening people came to the hut, they were listening and telling about themselves. Gradually, people were getting used to the strange, but warm-hearted man, and the Pilgrim was getting used to strange, but close people.

- If a person is ready to listen, he is ready to accept what has been said, - the Pilgrim said. - Love brings people together. And the idea organizes them. If a person lives for a purpose, the purpose controls the man. If a person bears an idea, the idea rules the World. People respect each other when they respect the World in which they live. A person respects himself when he respects what he does.

If you do not like your work, you need to think, realize: we live to work or we work to acknowledge Life. If the first - then we are slaves of Life. If the second - its Creators. The meaning of our life defines the correspondence to the form through which we experience Life. If there is no interest to your activity, you need to breathe love into it or to leave it. Otherwise, distortion of fate begins, and, as a consequence, degradation of the individual. Interest is a tool of Spirit. Through interest Spirit directs a person to the thing in which He wants to manifest. But if a creative person cannot express himself, he is cycled on his importance.

The Old man reminded a young woman. She often came to the hut, listened and said nothing. But one evening she asked suddenly:

- Why is there so little joy in life?

- A man seeks joy in the outside world. This joy is material and it depends on outward conditions but not on us. It is the same with happiness. People, who are looking for happiness in the outside World, are credulous. They give their right of solutions to others, removing thus the responsibility from themselves. They live with the hope for better life, and with that hope they die. The man with a quality of faith bears the idea himself, claiming it in others. Inner joy and happiness are spiritual. And they are approved within. A human accumulates the energy of fire, knowing that his fate is in his heart, i.e. the energetic center of the heart is always in an active state. Any human condition is a state of energy in him. The energetic center of heart is the information matrix, tuning the incoming and outgoing energy in the vibration of love.

Previously three great concepts lived with a man: Faith, Freedom, Love. The concept of "freedom" was seized, and “hope” was put into the human consciousness. Intermediaries appeared between God and a man, who knew that without freedom, people would lose faith, and then they would refuse divine love. People were told: "Do not lose hope," - and people were waiting that it would be brought to them, and, eventually, they became slaves. Free people cannot be controlled, as they have true knowledge - who a Human is. Since then there has not been a prophet in his own country, because people do not admit the possibility that they deserve to live close to the prophet. It is low spiritual self-concept. It is necessary to raise the very dignity of Human, and with the dignity freedom will come, which bears true joy of Life.

That night, something changed in the eyes of that woman. She looked straight into his eyes, and then asked:

- What is the meaning of our life?

- Consciousness is always looking for meaning. Feelings - the content. At every stage of human evolution there is opening of both of them. For a terrestrial human the sense is in the implementation of his mission. But this concept is very versatile. The purpose of human as species has one meaning. Destination of a human as a personality has another meaning. But the principle is the same. Every form of life has its destination. The mission is always spiritual. If a man found himself, i.e. united with his higher 'I', he opens his destiny. For one person it is to become a businessman. For another - a priest. Spirit, as the supreme "I" seeks to enter all areas of dense matter and spiritualize it. Therefore, one who fully realizes his destiny, achieves outstanding results. But this is not the ultimate meaning of Life. When a drop is connected with the sea, it becomes the sea. And a person also goes to the Creator, to become the Creator of his life, first of all, and then to become the Creator, who creates Life.

A person, having connected with the Divine Essence, knows that whatever he does – God does it with him and all that God does - he does with God. The Truth opens itself to everyone, but it can be seen by those who are ready to accept it. People are looking for the Truth in spiritual teachings. But the Truth cannot be one doctrine or one religion, but it is rather a synthesis of existing knowledge. Therefore, it always eludes those who seek to limit it by any teaching, religion, science, or themselves.

- I feel good with you, - she said suddenly. Her voice was soft and penetrating. The Pilgrim felt that something, what he thought had been lost long ago, was returning to him. Two halves of one Cosmic soul united. Two lives was becoming one earthly Being.

The Old man stroked a stone and went along the rose garden. He admired the roses and thought: "Life of a stone, in comparison to man’s life, is eternity. Lifespan of roses is a moment. What makes us equal in this world?" He remembered his childhood. As a boy, he got lost in the woods. Some old man was walking towards him, he took him by the hand and led to the road. And saying goodbye, he told the boy: "You have a great destiny, remember, great." And that moment changed his entire life. Eternity is not in time but in the content. It makes us equal, regardless of form, time and space. We look at the past and it turns into an instant. We look at the future and that instant opens into eternity. Where do these spaces meet? Maybe it happens at the point of our present? Then do we rule these spaces or this illusion, while remaining the moment? Who are we? "Eternity, eternity, - it began to sound inside the Old man - consisting of moments, as a line - of the points. It is flowable matter permanently converting its shape, but always awaring its moment."

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