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Letters of Mahatmas (August 2012)

We hear You and we listen to the Universe, we rejoice to open hearts. Fiery feelings, capable to revive Life, are born in the fiery heart. These feelings bear trembling of Life. They touch a sleeping Soul, and clear up Its song. The Creator lights Sacred fire by His spark in the heart of a person, but its Keeper is the person himself.

To recollect yourself is not just to wake up and begin to see clearly, it means to be born in another reality which gradually takes the outline of the things that you really love. You can lose the way in time, but it is impossible to lose the way in feelings.

Mahatmas are shining and this Light clears up the sleeping ones. We transfer the Fire of Spirit through the rhythm of the written words. The statement form varies, but the essence of fiery language is invariable. Only a fiery heart can accept a fiery word.

We can change a lot in time, but we cannot make a choice for people. Everyone is in his Life, it is important to learn to appreciate its Essence – yourself. Our Love to people is infinite, therefore our belief in a Human-being is endless. Everything is conditional in time. Love in time is eternal.

Each form of Life is created in Love. Life is Great Creating Light which inhales the Soul into the form through Love. Appreciate each moment filled with Love, we store Life through Love.

Many Cosmic Rays have been connected to the planet. These Rays are new roads for going ones. Light of these Rays will turn history to the new Beginning. We hear It, it is clinking Light, filling with faith and love, possessing a surprising ability to Create. Only the one who has recollected himself , Father the Source and Mother the Matter, can touch this Light and then it is possible to hear deep in you the sounding filling all the Universe. Listen to the Universe, you will hear its song in yourself.

The birth of New Light is a precursor of great changes of planetary character. The development of personality, individuality, a person-Creator will change completely. The mankind takes the next step in its evolution though nothing has been visible outwardly yet. It reminds a picture of moving wagons without a locomotive. The wagons are still moving by inertia, but they will gradually stop. The movement of new Light is directed into everyone, and it is a new history of Earth dwellers. The spiritual traditions based on movement to God through an external world will gradually leave. In other words, the external energy-information fields (egregors) dividing people into races, families, sorts, nations, religions and doctrines will disappear. There will be a uniform general reasonable field of the Earth which will support movement of everyone to the eternal Truth. All this process is connected with awakening of feelings. Internal feelings open, they get through the form freely and lead a person to his Essence. A person cannot find the Essence of Life, without having found the Essence of himself.

In Love there is neither past nor future. Love always lives in the present – everything is conditional in time. Past can be recollected with a smile. Future can be met with curiosity. You can live in wholeness only in the present moment. Be grateful to the past, meet future joyfully, love yourself here and now.

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