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Wisdom of enlightenment.

A human heart is the house of Love.

People aspire to better Life, but, actually, they do not have enough Love. It is impossible to fill its internal shortage from an external world. To open the gift of Love is to touch the Creator in yourself. And then unconditional Love to All clears up.

A wise man was asked: «What to do if an unrequited Love lives in the heart?»
– «If  Love lives in your heart, it means that the Creator himself has touched you and has made a declaration of Love through a concrete person. Store Love to the Creator  and be grateful to this person».

It is possible only to give true Love, and everything what you can sell, exchange, on what it is possible to earn – all these are experience.
Experience remains with a person, Love always stays with the Creator.

If a spark of the Creator has touched your heart, it will light the flame of Love. But the keeper of Love is a person himself.
Love as a divine substance is giving. And the first thing that you need to do is to fill yourself with Love. Give Love to your eyes that they will see Love; to ears – that they will hear Love; to lips – that they will kiss Love; to your physical body – that it will feel Love. And then imagine the sun in your energetic centre of "heart", and give this Light to an external World.
Grateful people are people, able to appreciate the gifts bearing Blessing.

Each step of enlightenment bears deep transformations in yourself. To change your habits, ideas, to leave feelings of debt, slavery, fault, condemnation, claims, – this list can be big, but the essence is reduced to one: if a person goes to enlightenment with Love, all transformations pass through the heart. The joy of fiery energies helps to be flexible and to perceive many things with a smile. If a person goes to enlightenment without concentration on the heart centre, all transformations occur with pain. Heart is a space of fiery energies which, incorporating to blood, clear the person.

An enlightened person was asked: «How have You come to wisdom?» – «Through fears, doubts and poverty, – and then He continued: – When I was grasped by fear, I got into its essence and there I found fearlessness, I found faith in the essence of doubt, freedom - in the essence of poverty».
If  jealousy lives in a person, his love can become hatred. If  there is a sacrifice in a person, his loyalty can become treachery. If self-interest lives in a person, his faith can become perfidy.
Wisdom of enlightenment is in awareness. At first, a person studies to be responsible for his acts, then sensibleness of decisions clears up in him.

The unity with Soul bears wisdom to a human. The unity with Spirit - enlightenment. The unity with himself – awareness and the consent of all fragments of Space system "Human", i.e. – Integrity.

We learn not only to use what Universal Reason of Light creates for us, but we also comprehend the Laws of Creation in ourselves to be able to Create with Divine Light.

If  Love lives in a person then there is the Creator in him.

The Temple of the Creator is in the heart of a Person, but then the Person is the Keeper of the Creator.

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