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A human-being and the Creator

We are Witnesses of amazing time, a unique moment: we were born on the border of two Epochs. Therefore, everybody, who is «here and now», has already been chosen to cover "debts" of a leaving Epoch, i.e. "debts" of your bloodline, nation, mankind; and to accept the New Epoch, i.e. to discover in yourself what

defines it. In the family it is possible that one covers debts of the family, another – mankind debts, the third one – of his embodiments. One thing is absolutely clear: it is necessary to release a leaving Epoch with gratitude; to ask forgiveness for all your embodiments and incarnations of everybody, and to forgive yourself and everybody in all embodiments. There is information of two Epochs in us: Space Force of the Beginning and the End, therefore, these conditions are a unique possibility to come to the Creator inside, to the Beginning and the End of All.

The leaving Epoch has been connected with Spirit, with disclosing of its qualities in a person. The Spirit built a core in human consciousness. We learnt concrete and abstract ways of thinking, concentration and contemplation. We brought up strength of the Spirit in us through eagerness to fight, detachment and sufferings. The Spirit of Warrior defined laws of our material Life and we were soldiers of different spiritual and physical armies and we had to struggle for our Life. The Spirit was shown through masculinity, therefore, women had «their place». We were discovering the strength of Spirit, but quashed our feelings. Our traditions were based on methods and techniques of disclosing consciousness, on control and management to find the power over a body and soul. But in the Essence the will was brought up in us, a person got internal and external freedom.

The coming Epoch is connected with Soul. It opens intensity of feelings. Feelings do not give the power over something, but they give infinitely more, they open the most secret – the Creator inside. It is impossible to come with strong-willed effort to the Creator. You need to trust, give yourself with consciousness and feelings to the Creator.

It is possible to come to this Truth only through Love and Joy. Love reflects internal openness of a person, and joy – internal consent.

A new Epoch is connected with improbable acceleration of everything. Huge streams of information have been transferred through true feelings, as a result, a person will pass to globally other streams of energy. And it is necessary to learn to arrange these energies. The ability to live in consent with yourself is the ability to harmonize internal energies. If any of our house utensils has been broken, we can call a repairer. But we will not be able to keep the Master who will harmonize our energy every second.

Transition to energetic perception of Life will open not only practical knowledge of immortality of Soul, but it will create a basis of new Outlook in All.

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