Семь ступеней к Творцу  Семь ступеней к Творцу Письма Махатм Письма Махатм


New Energies have come with the New Era, i.e.

with new children. These children will help us to return

our inner children with whom we will start everything

from the beginning. To awake our inner child is

to return feelings which will fill us with infinity

of fine shades and colours of LIFE.

New children are a World phenomenon. And as far as we understand it, as far we incorporate to the new race of people. Children of the new race are on energetic perception of the World, therefore, they distinguish different frequencies of energy of feelings.

Their reaction to an external World is a reaction to a harmonious or disharmonious condition of these energies in a person, in a country organization, in the World, in a family and so on.

New children get into the principle of organization of different systems with ease, therefore, they understand technology well, they are well-oriented in modern science and get into the Essence of the nature. Their civilization will change approaches to the knowledge of the Existing order of things.

You cannot impose our morals to children of the New Era as they already bear moral laws of their race. The reverse side of refinement of their perception is vulnerability of feelings. Therefore, sometimes they protect themselves, attacking. We have not transferred trust and Love into their collective consciousness, because we have opened these qualities in ourselves insufficiently.

It does not concern concrete people, and corresponds to the leaving Epoch. And sometimes the only protection for new children is aggressive reaction to that duality of our Life with which this race meets.

In such a way they express disagreement or internal pain.

Their sensitivity is that divine gift which will help them to find a correct way to themselves.

Change of races as change of governments, always occurs at the point of the highest dissatisfaction of society or generation.

All values of our race – culture, art, religion, science, morals and also financial streams, will naturally pass to them. But they will eliminate those things which do not correspond to spirit of their time.

Children of the new Epoch will not accept that heredity of Atlantis which was shown in us as sacrifice, fear of God, humility, self-interest and an arbitrary use of power on which the philosophy of our Life was built.

New children are those perfect grains from the best crops of mankind which will create conditions for our arrival. They remember their childhood and their uniqueness. And since young age they have distinguished people well. They have been going to those whose energy of feelings corresponded. These children do not have the quality of pity, because pity for them is humiliation of Life.

They do not accept blind belief in God. They wish to see this phenomenon and to feel, thereby forming their representation about it. New children have practically refused our History. Their condescension to our Faith, or to holy places, books, concepts, religious and spiritual practices, does not mean their consent to take part in it.

The most basic criterion of the Truth is joy of Life. If our civilization has not reached happiness, we have nothing to teach them.

And the more knowledge we accumulate, the worse we live. We are dissatisfied with ourselves, and it means that we are dissatisfied with Life.

Depression has become the basic vampire among people. It is not just moral illness of a society which we extend to our children as well, this is conscious suppression of the dignity of feelings.

New energies have come to people. They, as Space donors, strengthen thoughts about Love and desire to speak about fine things. But we need to open ourselves to them. Then feelings of beauty and the true healer of this illness – LOVE will come.

New energies bear the alphabet of Divine

relationships to the planet. It is a uniform Space language of feelings,

through which we start to understand not only children of the New

Era, but also ourselves.

Children and We.

Part 2

Human is a small particle of the Universe in which there is a great Essence. Getting into this Essence, we get into God. Our Essence is in the Source of our feelings. How can we discover fine things in ourselves, or how to return our feelings through which we will construct the bridge not only to children of the New Era, but also to our soul?

People sometimes do not understand each other, speaking in one language. Feelings are that language through which it is possible to talk to minerals, plants, animals, the infinity, time and space. It is the most exact and deeply substantial language. If a person does not feel what another person feels, it is impossible to transfer it with words.

The New race has come with the alphabet of this language and all of us need to study according to this alphabet. Through the language of feelings we will become penetrating, and it means, close to each other. There is no duality in this language, and it will lead the World of duality to the Unity World in a natural way.

Exactly penetration will define the New race of people. Through penetration we distinguish what we incorporate to or what incorporates to us. The New Epoch of transparency, enlightenment or Light without Shadows begins.

If the New race is penetrating, our leaving race is collecting. The property is the main basis on which our Life is built. Our physical body, our children, belongings, our family, debts, attachments, etc.

The water, getting through soil, will not consider the soil as its property. And to the person with open feelings freedom is more to liking. The New race of people will be released from personal dependence of having the property and will come to the uniform general value of feelings.

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