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Love is the truth, through which distant becomes close and difficult becomes simple. The phenomenon of this fact is that Love creates correspondence between large and small, fragile and hard, limited and developed. It is a natural transformer of qualities of a person and the only reality in our world.

Love reflects the nature of Existence and awakens it in a person's life. As a holistic phenomenon, it gives itself without reserve, connecting unconnected, balancing uneven. Love is the most intelligent substance in the Universe.

It, as a Being, is connected to this or that person, awakening qualities of the Creator in him. But not always people can assess the divine touch, and moreover, to save it. If Love becomes property, only jealousy is left in a person.

The Truth is in the integrity, so it does not belong to anyone. And Love is always with God as well. The Creator creates Life with Love, a person becomes the Creator through Love.

One scientist said in the conversation with a sage that he had made the greatest discovery. The sage smiled: "I am delighted that you have opened your eyes to the fact that always exists."

What discovery can we make in the space of God?

History of the World has been written. And the reality has been created.

Why is it necessary to write the History of the eternal existing reality?

One can only describe the history of temporary illusion in order to preserve it for descendants. People are hostages of their illusion or their stories. Then what is the human truth?

The planet Earth is a paradise of celestials. They have created  nature of the Earth, having reflected infinite and various harmony of the Universe in this beauty. People were not expelled from Paradise, they were left in Paradise. The celestials left, having given a seed of the Creator to a human. This is the Divine truth  that the seed of the Creator can mature only in a human.

Our planet is a wonderful place of the Universe. You need to be chosen by God to be incarnated, to get into the human flow.

The Earth is the cradle of Creators, people carrying a Source of Light - free ones, able to create Joy and Love by this Light. This is the true miracle of Life, which ALL of us have come to know.

Creating Love on the Earth is the greatest co-creation of God and Human.


A wise man can live in harmony with a fool, but he cannot make the fool wise.

You cannot make happy those who see themselves as miserable, and you cannot enter a new world with an old point of view.

We get to know ourselves through our opposite side. And it is always connected to the thing that is difficult to accept. But if we accept our opposite side as a co-Creator, then our Shadow will become our Light.

The unity of Light and Darkness defines Harmony of Life. And there is always “I” between light and darkness. It is possible to separate and unite these substances, fight and make peace between them.

Great awareness is Mind of the Universe.

Any form of Life, awaring itself, does not die. And if it goes into another state of matter, it does not lose awareness of its existence.

It is not the form that awares itself but consciousness of the form. When our Spirit and our Soul are in the physical body, they awake awareness in the matter itself.

Why are Spirit and Soul eternal and a physical body is temporary?

Every particle of the Spirit and the Soul realizes its Life. When awareness comes into consciousness of every cell, we will be able to live in one body forever.

By this time people will have found sources of joy and inspiration within. And then great Darkness will give a human the power of Life, and great Light will direct it.

What awakens mind of a human?

These are Divine feelings of the Soul. They bear consciousness of the Spirit.

Awareness is this unity.

There must be trinity to let a person come to the state of the Creator. This trinity is Consciousness of the Spirit as the ultimate being of Light, divine feelings of the Soul as the source of Love and Creation, and Consciousness of a human as the highest representative of the Earth.

This trinity is divinity.

To awaken divine awareness in the mind of a person - this is the reason why an artificial gene of violence was introduced into the gene pool of humanity. This step has created a precedent for the natural expression of the Creator’s gene.

Environment has always been a prerequisite for the formation of the opposite.

Rebels are born in slavery. Dissenters appear in the period of stagnation. Light comes from Darkness. But it does not mean at all that there must be suffering to become happy.

The environment creates the opposite. The internal world creates the unity.

Our view of Life is a field for our formation.

Divine feelings of the Soul are a field for the formation of the view.

Human consciousness can be seen as a pattern, and representation – as connections with the outside World. There is always correspondence between them. Therefore, when consciousness of a person is changed, reappraisal of values takes place, i.e. new connections appear and old ones are erased.

The traditional way is the revelation of consciousness which changes the view. But you can take a look at the process differently. Divine feelings of Soul expand the view that changes the pattern of consciousness.

We create the environment in which we change our mind.

And this is Happiness to be correspondent to the Creator.

It is worthy of the Creator to confess Love as the ultimate meaning.

Vladimir Horoshin.

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