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Portal of co-Creation

If civilization is motivated by Love, boundaries, separating people into nations and states, always disappear there. If civilization is driven by fear, there is always improving of murder weapon.

External aggression is always a consequence of some internal insecurity. We are genetically dependent on our family, bloodline, humanity. And one of the tasks of the Soul is transformation of distortion in the tribal, family or human thread.

Thus, we leave our trace in the information network of the Earth for new generations.

The gene of fear can be transformed by awakening of the gene of Love, and this choice depends on people, because a person himself is a condition of love or its lack in relation to his inner child.

The truth is that even if all mankind will love a specific person, they will not be able to instill him self-love. Only the man himself, having entered inside and having realized the Divine heritage, will be able to love himself. So we need to get away from the illusion that someone can do something for us. They help us, but they do not live for us.

The road to yourself begins with gratitude to the surrounding Mind that is manifested in a small grain of sand and through the infinite Space.

A human was created by this Mind, being unreasonable. The nature was created by the Mind, remaining the same. How to connect consciousness of an earthly man with his reasonable nature?

An educated person was asked: "How to come to sensibleness?" "Through knowledge," - he said.

A sage was asked: "How to come to sensibleness?" "Through connection with the existing nature," - said the wise man.

People are directed to knowledge. They are directed not to the reason, but to the consequence. The reason is the Mind that creates knowledge. You use knowledge, but you create by the Mind.

How to help a man if his ideas about the World and about himself are based on the fact that the surrounding World is something separate from him? To accept yourself, you need to love yourself. To become a reasonable part of the Whole, you need to admit It not only in the surrounding nature, but also within yourself. It means that you need to disclose feelings of Soul and through this language you will learn to understand each other.

Separation with the uniform Whole is in the basis of fear .

Fear is Space virus, which, by the Divine Reason, got into the information field of the Earth and separated a man from his nature. We can say that this virus is a particle of Anti Mind, existing in the Space, and which has its mission in the mosaic of the Universe.

To realize good, you need to know evil; to understand Creation, you need to touch destruction; to strive for the Truth, you need to feel disappointment about illusion. The Mind creates a divine vector to itself - through its opposite.

The mission of the people of our race is to come to wholeness within themselves and thus create a new reality of the Earth - to

return the heritage of the Goddess and the Creator.

On the planet Earth there were a lot of human and non-human flows.

The history of our human stream began with Adam and Eve - Divine Parents of humankind. When Eve plucked the fruit of the Tree of Life, she gave birth to Adam’s baby whose name is a man-Creator. The mission of a man-Creator is to revive the divine garden on the Earth. A man-Creator carries a gene of Unity within. This is the seed that was created by the Goddess and the Creator in him. The seed of unity is the key to Wholeness.

Human is a link of the Universe, his love is a condition for awakening of the Creator in him. Human- Creator creates the Divine garden where Life blooms in Love, as Human himself bears the great divine heritage of Adam and Eve, the Goddess and the Creator, a particle of the Mind of the Universe.

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