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Letters of Mahatmas / December 2012

Human sows in the outside World only what is born inside of him. Do not forget: People not only sow, but also reap the fruits. Live by the fiery of Spirit, love by the tenderness of Soul, create from the Heart.

Sensation of Spirit is maintained by feelings of Soul, and feelings of Soul are supported by concrete actions.

We hear and we always respond. Our silence is always a message carrying a deep meaning. It is possible to be late in time, but not in multidimensionality. You are just thinking over a question, and we have already answered. Listen to yourself, look around, and then you will see, hear, aware that a question and its answer come simultaneously in multidimensionality.

Not everyone, who hears the call from the depths of himself, is ready to go on the road with no end. But the one, who takes the first step, becomes stronger with each subsequent step.

Do not look at the past, live in the present.

Listen to yourself: a familiar voice of Mother Earth sounds in everyone. Recognize the song of awakening in this sound.

Wake up, the dawn of a new Era has come, it has brought a new Light.

Some people make a choice in time, but lose in the eternity. A wise man always takes a step in time with the consent of the eternity.

The most important thing now is to live in the present and wait for nothing in time.

Big changes are going. Multidimensionality offers not only beautiful reality, but it also highlights the illusory one. Only a free man can discover a new destiny. This requires complete trust in the Creator that lives within each person.

To get rid of the time means to look at the temporality from the eternity.

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