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Letters of Mahatmas /January, 22, 2013

You determine your destiny yourself. Compare each step with the truth of the heart. Do not be surprised and do not scold those who have thoughts of self-serving. They have an excessive burden on their shoulders. Everyone will come to his nature when he is ready.

Wandering is long but not infinite.

If you have got lost in time – turn your gaze to Eternity. If you have lost yourself - follow your heart.

Love is our divine reality, it is One for Everybody.

When it is difficult – smile to yourself. Sing an inner song about Soul and Spirit, about nobility and sincerity. This song is always supported by reasonable Worlds. When you are joyful - smile to the World around, a smile saves from destruction, as feelings of Love save Life.

You are not alone, we are always with you, and the Creator is in every human.

Sometimes people expect specific guidance from us. Follow your Spirit, your Soul, your Heart. We support and guide You, but do not take from you the right to make your choice. Fates of people are open for us, and every destiny is unique, therefore, it is protected by the Divine law.

Formation of an individual takes place in the external environment, the birth of awareness takes place in a human.

Do not upset yourself by your actions. Do not betray yourself by your doubts. There is not any reason why you can abandon yourself. As there is no righteous man according to his old achievements.

Keep the unity with the Soul, then the Spirit keeps you.

An open heart knows: to argue means to litter. It is better to be silent where they swear, to be poor - where they sell.

Where there is no Love - there is no Creator. Where there is no freedom - there is no Light. Where there is no faith - there we are not present. A spark does not blow out in sincerity, a heart does not extinguish in fiery.

One candle lits icon-lamps, one heart lits hearts.

Gold has value in the World of people, Love is valuable in the World of Gods. Soul never betrays, Spirit never leaves you in the darkness.

Learn to trust your Soul, then you will not lose faith in yourself. Learn to aspire to the Spirit, then you will not lose yourself.

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