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We are already in an amazing space of NEW where not only time builds the mutual relations with a person, but the person also has time of new relations with the surrounding LIFE.

The Essence of the Earth awakes feelings of a human Soul to manifest on the Earth. The epoch of relations with spirits of the nature begins. Spirits of the nature become attendants of mankind, as people of the Earth were attendants of the great ideas which had come through Prophets. We start to build the uniform space of LIFE through feelings of Soul, and our connection with other forms of Life changes our representation of what LIFE is.

It occurs not through human mind, but through joy, love, penetration and participation of Soul. The mind builds some form, i.e. it compares, defines, estimates, distinguishes, creates representation about other forms. A personality – an ego is shown through human mind. The ego dominates over emotions, and an emotional body endures the things that have touched the ego. For example: we are not respected, we are humiliated or offended,

they have not estimated us, have taken away something what we wish to have, or they have raised, have allocated, have lifted our importance. A personality always compares itself to the World around and it confirms and feels itself through the importance.

Divine feelings do not participate in it, they are impersonal as water which incorporates easily, without leaving a trace, it merges with something similar. Divine feelings are not relevant to the emotional body of a person, it is the substance of the God-man. Thanks to feelings we know what our Soul and Spirit agree with and in what they do not wish to participate. It defines the possibility to live in integrity, in ease, with joy and without sufferings to go to perfection.

True feelings open the fourth dimension to us. If the third dimension, in which we live, makes it possible to perceive the World of forms in volume, i.e. to see height and width simultaneously, the fourth dimension opens us the possibility to get into the essence of forms. The fly, flying in our apartment, also does not suspect that it is in a private property of a person, and something what it considers as an obstacle for itself, is a beautiful wardrobe for us. Someone who lives in the fifth and sixth dimensions, lives with us and sees us well, and, how we sometimes, as a fly, fight against the closed glass of a window.

To live in the present is to cease living not only in the past, but also according to a leaving Epoch – its rules of behavior, perfection, approaches, etc. We live according to our old representation by inertia, though we are already in another space and time. You need to trust feelings of Soul to pass to corresponding tools of a new era. The leaving Epoch has awoken our Spirit, the new Epoch awakes our Soul. The mankind is included into the stream of the World of Soul, we only have touched the surface of true feelings and all improbable things already occur. Feelings become a condition for the connection of different levels of Consciousness. They catch the uniform pulse of the Universe, adjusting different levels of consciousness of the system "Person" on it, and also adjusting a person on different levels of consciousness of Space. As a result, the person will come to sensation of the uniform Truth, to the desire to accept IT and to participate consciously.


Part 2

We perceive a relationship of cause and effect linearly. A reason creates a consequence, and each consequence is a condition for a new reason. But it does not mean that we leave for nowhere. Each reason and each consequence has connection with the uniform centre which leads to the circle of completeness or perfection. And if a person starts to perceive a relationship of cause and effect not only in horizontal, but also vertical way, he will come to the uniform principle of mutual relations of the fourth and following dimensions or to the uniform principle of movement of LIFE. Each person has his central divine Prime cause and the relationship of cause and effect is being built around it. The Prime cause is the Truth which people search in an external world and which they find in themselves. It cannot be presented to people and you cannot share It with your close ones. The one who has discovered the Truth – knows this well, therefore, he really appreciates it.

A desire bears the sense – to receive, therefore, to achieve the goal is to fulfill the desire. A desire and a goal are tools of a person from the third dimension. A person of the fourth dimension has an intention instead of desire, and aspiration instead of a purpose. There is no vibration “to receive” in intention, but there is vibration “to create”, and in aspiration there is no vibration of a final goal, there is vibration of infinity. A person of the third dimension is defined by the surrounding himself with property, and for the account of it he creates his stability. A person of the fourth dimension, on the contrary, leaves the property and gets stability from an internal point of the Creator. In the fourth dimension there is no attachment to anything concrete, so, there is no dependence on it. This is a state of soul and spirit which determines the state of a sound body.

A person of the third dimension sees all things as finite, therefore, his life is full of struggle and suffering. A person of the fourth dimension awares his immortality, i.e. the infinity of Life of surrounding things.

A quality of a person of the fourth dimension is the refined feelings of Soul. With this divine gift a person feels beauty of LIFE and ITS Essence – Love. Penetration and participation come through true feelings. Penetration fills human Life with true meaning of LIFE, as the essence of things opens. And participation is partnership with the reason of LIFE, therefore, actions of a person with feeling of participation are justified by wisdom of LIFE, but not by his personal desire or conclusion.

The language of true feelings is the language of the fourth and other dimensions. It does not require any interpretation. It is the language not of a form, but of essence, therefore, it is a uniform language of God. The people, who have opened this language in themselves, do not divide the World into religions and nations, a family and a society. Beginning with the fourth dimension you can see how much all of us are connected one with another and everyone with ALL and ALL with everyone, and it is not necessary to be limited only by a planet "the Earth". We leave the human mental plan for the divine plan of feelings. True feelings are reasonable, they bear wisdom of Space, therefore, they discover a feeling of knowledge in a person. To trust in feelings of Soul is to open to yourself, to create a condition for display of the Creator, to make your choice. In ITS movement.

True values, which make a person happy, are connected with feelings of Soul. In the language of energy it looks so: streams of energy will come to those who wish to realize true desires, i.e. the desire of Soul filled with aspiration of Spirit, instead of its separate fragment – personality. A person cannot live without any interest. Earlier Spirit defined the interest. Thus it directed a person. Now the Soul, through feelings of participation, love, joy, penetration directs a person to self-realization, to sincerity, to himself. If earlier awakening of feelings depended on a person, now the Epoch itself clears up true feelings in a human. It is necessary only to be opened to this process. To make your choice.

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