Семь ступеней к Творцу  Семь ступеней к Творцу Письма Махатм Письма Махатм


The gift to me from above is the ability to love. And my infinite gratitude is to those who love me. For me love is such a state in which I can open my soul to a person, as it is possible to open it only to God.

When a person is in love, God looks through his eyes; therefore, this gift is the highest human value, or a manifested quality of God. In True Love there are no promises, but there is an instant of Unity. And it is always a divine impromptu. Human love can be without any respond. Divine love is always mutual.To acknowledge Life through Love means to become a source of inspiration for other people. We get to know God through reflexions, and we admit – through feelings.

Approaches to Life itself vary with coming of the New Era. The period of spiritualizing of matter has ended, and the period of its animation has begun. Keys of disclosing of consciousness of people pass from Spirit to Soul, i.e. from the power of will to the intensity of feelings.

Intuition is connected to Spirit, to masculine of nature of Life. It gives knowledge of direction (do not go there, it lies here, everything is all right, something has happened, etc.), but it does not open maintenance of the event.

The feelings of Soul open the maintenance of what is happening. This is feminine of nature of Life. If feelings of Soul refer to divine display in a person, emotions – to personal.

The unity of personal emotions and divine feelings in the system "Human-being" will lead to a new quality of a person – to penetration of Soul.

Emotions are compelled to trust a mental body which is their eyes at this stage. But as the mental body has its representation about the World, emotions are limited by the mental body.

Divine feelings are Mind of the nature. They get into ALL existing, and, incorporating to emotions, open their eyes. The body of emotions becomes seeing, i.e. independent, and its reaction to an external World becomes reasonable. In their turn feelings of Soul receive power of emotions. It leads to fundamental changes in the Life of the person. The mental body does not remain aside too, and, incorporating to divine feelings, it gets an impulse to comprehension of itself.

Transition from external God to the internal Creator is a leaving an imposed representation about the World for a feeling of knowledge of the Creator.

Energy of the Creator bears a principle of the movement of Life. Knowledge of the principle is comprehension of the Creator.

The Creator in a person is always shown as a Doer in the external World. The Creator is a source of new energies or new connections in the Universe.

What kind of phenomenon is it? Recollect the times of wire telephone sets. You had to appoint necessary time and a place to call, – and now ….

A person-Creator has a new body or a substance giving him the connection with any addressee of the Universe almost instantly, without adhering it to a concrete place and time. And to do it you do not need any appeals, prayers, meditations, etc. But it is necessary to aware this process.

Many people now lose stability. It is caused by the fact that spiritual, religious and moral representation leaves. The basis of all our History changes. The coming Era bears new conditions of Life. It is necessary for each person to open the centre of the Creator in himself, and it will manifest the information of a uniform principle of Life, its meaning and order. Only in this case the person will be protected by the law, which he bears himself.

Space laws are Alive. They cannot be followed, it is necessary to become them, and then artificiality leaves and naturalness comes.

Our representation about ourselves is formed on the basis of morality of the society and scientific achievements. During one of the spiritual contacts I asked: “How do Reasonable civilizations see Earth dwellers?”

– At the first glance, they eat, sleep, mate, thus use little intellect. But if to look more deeply, people are majestic, divine beings.

– An Angel needs to pass a way of a human to become God. The first people, who came to the Earth, refused their divine knowledge consciously. It was a majestic sacrifice, but also a unique possibility to start up the roots on the planet Earth.

Having refused this knowledge, they practically renounced God in order to become Him later. And for this purpose it was necessary to start to live in exile. Survival in the unfamiliar environment became their unique reality.

So, people who are materialists for a spiritual person, are truly spiritual beings who got lost the way in matter. They were the first who earthed Spiritual Light through which the others descended. But now both spiritual knowledge and divinity come back to these people.

Feelings of Soul are heritage of the Creator. Once people had a uniform language of feelings. When they lost divine feelings, they ceased to understand themselves, surrounding nature and others. People lost knowledge of feelings, and a speech appeared. And even speaking in one language, they sometimes do not understand each other. But Era of the Creator returns kindliness, joy of Soul; and the knowledge of Who They Are will return to people together with divine feelings.


Part 2

At all times a person aspires to get into the mystery of Being, into invisible reality of Life. But, maybe, the Universe does not have any secrets from a person; on the contrary, it always aspires to show its Essence? Then why don’t we know this Universal Truth?

It is impossible to see the Essence of things, looking at them through the external form.

Eyes of Form see the form, eyes of Essence see the essence.

God creates everything out of Himself.

Each language is built according to one principle, words consist of letters. But how did letters appear?

The ancient knew power of drawing of a letter. Each letter connected the one who wrote it to the Creator, reflecting the nature of creation of the World in the drawing. The living language inspired those who understood it.

But throughout centuries the world order was changing and divinity of spelling was lost, the word depreciated. And then those who knew and understood the Sources of writing, encrypted the knowledge to keep it for future generations.

If God created a person in the image and likeness, then a person, having got into his Essence, saw a face of God – the principle of Being.

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