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What supports Life of the gene of death and what awakes Life of the gene of eternity?

How much is a person ready to live eternally in his physical body? And how much is mankind humane?

The system "Human" reflects the existing Space. An infinite Spirit, an immortal Soul and a divine physical body are present in it. The centre of any system is the Creator inside the system. It is the sun for Solar system, a seed – for a tree, a kernel – for a cell. It is impossible to come to Eternity without aspiration to the Creator. The concept "Creator" is a central divine Light for the system “Human”; it bears the information of the Universe and opens Space in the system "Human-being".

Each new stage in a person is shown consistently, but aspiration of human consciousness to the Creator is necessary for harmonious disclosing, then the uniform Tuning fork is formed. Mental overlapping disturbs this process. If we create an intention in our consciousness to incorporate to divine feelings, the mental body will follow our intention and then there will be a transition from the mental World of a person into the Divine World of feelings of the Creator. Earlier a person contemplated and he learnt the World through his contemplation, now it is necessary to feel what he sees and what he thinks of.

Till now a person lived with the limited meaning of Life. The fear of death did not allow to acknowledge the sense of Eternity. All mental experience of mankind is built on surviving, instead of LIVING. A condition for life of a gene of death is negative thinking, melancholy, annoyance, dissatisfaction, closeness, aggression, slavery, etc. And on the contrary, Beauty, Joy and Love are a condition for awakening of a gene of eternity. In our two spirals of DNA there is a gene bearing seeding for new spirals of DNA. A favorable condition for its awakening is the state of a person. It is a joyful person who has learnt his internal, divine Light through which he acknowledges the sense of Eternity.

One of the qualities of Godman is true feelings of Soul which awake the next quality – humanity, or a human bearing Eternity. If there is no internal spark of joy, other people’s joy of Life only irritates. If earlier a person could be filled with joy from an external World without his internal spark, now it is necessary for him to kindle joy in himself. It is enough to create an intention to pass to an internal stream in order to incorporate and be adjusted on yourself, on the internal stream which gives the feeling of knowledge of occurring and existing, together with orientation in it. The sensation of coming space will appear.

The universal Key, which opens the Essence in each form, opens to the person who has discovered his uniqueness or the Creator in himself. The person himself becomes a child, he starts to learn the things without which he used to live. This is truly alive, gentle, pure, tremulous and deep Feeling. The person passes to a new frequency of perception, representation about Life, so, and morals. In this state of the Creator the human Life bears divine sense of Eternity and it is comparable to the star sky filling each person with Greatness, Beauty and Infinity.

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