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Are children responsible for their parents? And if not only genes, but acts of parents are transferred to their children, isn’t it just our desire to be responsible for something what we did not do, i.e. it is purely moral phenomenon, but not the law of cause-and-effect relation? The law of cause-and-effect relation bears the idea that each form of Life is both the reason of Life and its consequence. That is a cause and its effect are in one point. And if a race, a nation has created a reason, how is it connected with new generation? And why do deeds of a great-grandmother or a great-grandfather influence their great-grandchildren? Why did division between cause and effect happen? That is a reason is born by one person, but the other has consequence. The law of cause-and-effect relation is really global in a cosmic way, but why did we turn it into the category of small dismantlings? Perhaps we transfer the information from the past to the future ourselves, and just consider it as Karma? That is our subconsciousness carries out a moral choice of Soul which now has become a barrier to it. Then if we have created this (karmic) chain, it means we can leave it.

Our representation about Life is the law according to which we live. If a person changes the representation, he creates another law inside. It is our right to be heard. Sometimes a person dies without succeeding to come to the line of his destiny. He repaid debts which he had not made, and all his energy was going to the past; therefore, we build the future with a great effort, instead of joy. Let’s thank ourselves and the World for this wonderful moral experience, and by doing that we will release future generations from our debts, then previous generations will remit our debts. We will leave dependence of generations and start to create our fine causes in present and to endure a corresponding consequence. We are not responsible for past and we do not define future. We are Creators of our present, in such a way our relation with the phenomenon of time will pass to the phase of new mutual relationships. The time to be responsible for yourself has come, it means really to become the Creator of your destiny.

New children are not responsible for their parents and thanks God that they are out of this circle of debtors, this program is absent in them. Destiny should not be a court, and "I" – not the judge of generations, "I" am the Creator. Some people can say that we have been taught that a race, mankind is one family. And there is karma of a family, race, nation, country, mankind, the World. A question is not in what we have, but what we mean by it. The law of cause- and-effect relation is wonderful. It leads a person to the Creator or to the Original cause and there are no debts in it, in the essence of this Law there is freedom of awakening to joy of Life. And if really to trust not in our representation about the law of Karma, but to the law of Karma or the Law of Original cause, it will change our Life.

The reality shakes by its truth; therefore, the knowledge coming from Mind of Absolute is translated into the language of representation of a person to whom it is given. For example, recollect history about the Ark of Noah. In order to build this construction where not only Noah’s family, but all fauna will be collected, it is necessary to possess technical possibilities at the level of advanced civilization. And practically to collect all creeping, running, flying creatures, and to lodge all of them in one space, on the area which should be at least a city, and provide order and all necessary things in it, and thus, to keep dynamics of life - it is difficult to fulfill even today, with the help of scientists from all over the World. It is more real to imagine a Spaceship which will take samples of DNA from all species or which has already had everything, and it will land in the area of cataclysm, and it will help to restore fauna and flora of this part of the planet. The knowledge is always translated into the language of representation of those to whom it is addressed. It can be a fairy tale according to the form, but it is a true story in the essence.

Let us admit that many of our Race reincarnate more informationally, than in flesh. That is we recollect past lives, but they were not biological embodiments, but only the information of these lives. Imagine that it is so, then what does it give to us? During one life it is possible to live ten. In each embodiment we discover a certain quality; therefore, there are many people who were one historic figure. It could be not so according to the form, but it is the truth in the essence. Sometimes all long life is placed in one deep, but short experience.

And then, living our Life, we simultaneously live out many information Lives but which were lived really by other people.
Thus, we reduce our embodiments quantitatively, but we strengthen them qualitatively. Each embodiment on the Earth is shock for Soul and sometimes it takes a long time to heal wounds.
Every millennium there is a huge technical jump, but not moral. In moral development we are in the Stone Age. Now it is time of moral awakening. True feelings bear the recognition of Life, i.e. internal knowledge of what LIFE is. The Original cause will be shown, as well as a corresponding consequence.
A person recognizes the Creator in himself, as well as his consequence – LIFE.