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Letters of Mahatmas / March, 03,2013

The entire planet Earth is a cell of the Universe. At the same time not every person is ready to look at a cell inside of him as at the Universe. We teach contemplation in order to see the Essence. We teach not to hurry in order to feel your rhythm. We teach how to get free in order to find your way.

Do not waste your energy where it is used. Learn to collect energy in the heart.

A great number of pilgrims aspire to subdue the highest top of sufferings, but only few find joy at the grief top. External actions of a person always show an internal choice of the person. Thought - readiness. Feeling - maintenance.

Release is in forgiveness, Love is in acceptance, Faith is in loyalty, Openness is in fearlessness. Call is in aspiration.

An open heart knows: if a person speaks through heart – his voice is supported by space. If a person thinks through heart – silence opens for him.

There is energy of present in the heart, therefore, co-creation is in actions from the heart.

Unconscious fidelity can lead to conscious treachery. Learn to distinguish mature aspiration from false desire. It is necessary to lose infinitely in order to learn to protect; to be patient all the time in order to learn to wait; to wander infinitely in order to learn to search.

Sufferings are crystallization of awareness.
Joy is spiritual freedom.
Love is divine presence.

Pulse of present is heard in an open heart. The sound of present in illusion is similar to a heavenly bell. Mahatmas rejoice and participate there where pure Light pulses. This is space of
CO-CREATION for the people who realize fiery of the heart as a great tool of Co-creation.

There is no more blessed state, than a state of fiery of the heart. The spiral of Agni can lift a disciple to a shining sound. Yes, do not be surprised, sometimes a ringing sound transfers into a shining one. Aspiration of feelings of the person reaches its perfection at this moment. Each cell, each atom is uniform in Unified.

It is not so much diligence but awareness is necessary to take a right step. From the depths of Soul everyone gets an amazing gift – an ability to get into the essence of Co-creation taking place on the Earth. It is necessary to smile and accept if mind cannot understand; it is possible to be afflicted and refuse. Not the result but Consequence of the done work is important.

We do not bear disappointment, but we confirm fiery, inherent in Great Spirit of the Creator. To study – does not mean to remember or to cram at all. Being able to perceive an event by Soul is not as difficult as it seems in the beginning. To open and trust – in such a way we attract necessary knowledge.

An open heart knows that ALL is opened. It is necessary only to be able to become a part of what is interesting. Great Brahmans taught that Everything is a part of All. Each particle in its Nature is in the Law of unified Knowledge, so it can realize its particle of a general Life. It is necessary to learn to open to what each particle in its nature is. At first, accustoming to a new state of openness takes place, and then openness to Boundlessness comes.
Be attentive to those who come. Be grateful to those who leave.
Be careful to those who remain.

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