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From Vanity to the Essence or Creativity of Life

Part 1

Characters are actors. We have a lot of masks and each mask has its World, its representation about Life. And our real face always remains in shade. The theatre dies without spectators. Therefore, it is so important for us that we will be seen and estimated.

The fairer we are with ourselves, the less we are deceived in an external world. The purer we are in ourselves, the steadier our Truth is. The closer a person is to his Essence, the less fussiness he has. We always search in an external world something what is not sufficient in us. Sometimes we are ready for any sufferings to fill internal emptiness. Sufferings are closer to us, more habitual than joy in front of unknown.

The mental plan of the majority of people is filled with negative programs, therefore, it is closed from the future at this stage. True feelings are saviors now. The one, who will trust them, will find himself. They will deduce human consciousness on a new coil of evolution. Therefore, to be engaged in reprisals in the mental plan means to continue internal war. War bears destruction, but love bears creation. All of us are children bearing heritage of a destroyer. And the one, who has realized this truth, will find a creator inside and will start to build peace in himself. In order to leave internal mental dialogue – clarification, transformation of negative programs, it is necessary to transfer your attention to True feelings. Feelings have their mission – to connect human consciousness with joy of Being. One of exercises for this transition is to tell your cells: « Now we live by feelings, and we will return to mental consciousness next year». Then imagine the sun in the breast and bear light, warmth and feelings of gratitude to the world around.

It is important to pass from mode of life to Existence. A person considers that Life is in an external World. But there is mode of life in an external World, and Existence is our internal Life, our deep maintenance. We see a surface of the sea or its thin layer which depends on external conditions. But the true maintenance of the sea is a deep World which always remains invariable and which does not depend on external weather. And the same happens with True Life or Existence, it lives absolutely irrespective of our life. It is an infinite river of Life which flows through existing forms of Life, giving them power to grow, bloom, develop, change and create. But relation among different forms of Life depends only on them, but not on the River of Life. The one, who feels this True Life in himself, is filled by its maintenance and he does not need to prove it, justify himself or accuse others.

We accumulate values round ourselves, but we live actually with the things that we have estimated in ourselves. We see merits and demerits of others, but how well do we see ourselves? Fear of death is fear of True Life. We recognize God as far as we accept ourselves. To accept yourself is to accept your "lacks" too. There is virtue in the essence of any "lack", as God lives in the Essence of each form of Life. According to this principle, it is possible to find real stability in weakness, power - in defenselessness, openness - in modesty, vulnerability – in deceit, and participation - in vulnerability.

The consent with ourselves gives rise to abundance round us; dissatisfaction – poverty. Business, family, life falls. Failure is a consequence of dissatisfaction with yourself. And dissatisfaction with yourself is a consequence of division of human consciousness with his feelings. The dual World exists in consciousness of a person. We meet the Unity of Everything in the point of the Creator. There is no contrast in this golden mean, more precisely, we meet integrity of All there. Internal knowledge is present here. When there is no stream of internal knowledge, a person starts to live according to the knowledge coming from the outside. He becomes conducted and dependent, as he ceases to be guided in an external World. And as consequence, the person starts to doubt in many things. And then he breaks stability of environment in which he lives by his mistrust.

Recognition of God begins with recognition of yourself, and the recognition of yourself begins with a desire to see and feel the Creator in the internal World. And when a person gets into this maintenance, he starts to feel true value of existence. This revelation and inspiration fills him with tenderness, gratitude, solicitude and openness. At this instant comprehension of what is the Creator comes, and you also aware that the invariable Essence of all existing knowledge is Love.

Life aspires to penetration, and Mind aspires to comfort. Everybody speaks about love, but cannot love; more precisely, not everyone can be in the state of divine transparency. In this transparency there is no shade, therefore, Love is a state of openness which gives rise to feelings of participation and penetration. Feelings of beauty, trust and generosity are born in these feelings. Dignity is born in the value of what a human is. The ability to bear Love means to be in creativity of Soul. The ability to create Love means to be the Creator. Love, which has been presented to you, is a support. Love, which you create, is Creativity of Life.

From Vanity to the Essence or Creativity of Life

Part 2

Life is philosophy as our representation defines our perception. And if we have philosophy of a happy person, then our Life is filled with happiness. There is EVERYTHING where we are, but we take only what attracts us. If sufferings attract us more than joy, it means that there is internal deficiency of this experience in us. But it does not mean that in the World there are more sufferings. The World is not only external, but also internal maintenance. All events – "negative" or "positive" – are directed to preserve Life. According to the law of Space balance, if in the World negative is shown more, it means that positive is activated more inside. It turns out so that the external World by its conditions, which consist of sufferings, deceit, self-interest, egoism, fear, pain, categoriality, makes active display of Truth, love, faith, freedom, wisdom, participation. So it directs a person to wonderful things in himself. And after a person incorporates with fine internal, he can show it in an external world. And when there is more joy and love in the World, a person will aspire to acknowledge other Worlds and he will open spatial transitions where remoteness of planets does not matter.

There is a certain category of people which has lost interest to their Life, so, has lost the meaning of Life. As a consequence, these people do not produce Vital energy, i.e. they do not bring their mite into the uniform general stream of Life. These people start to live by life of other people. And then survival is a unique pusher for their movement of consciousness. The survival bears stimulus – to live. Therefore, illnesses, anxiety, losses, fear and many other things, i.e. an external World, create conditions through which such person starts to lead a negative life, but, anyway, to live. Here the Essence is neither in negative nor in positive, but in the movement.

The new does not come in old forms. Our traditional thinking is a product of our World. In order to leave habitual way of thinking, it is necessary to have energy which will lead our consciousness into other Worlds. For this purpose it is necessary to master new approaches to energy, and then new deposits of energy will be found. The map of their Sources will open itself. But for this purpose it is necessary to pass to new mutual relations with LIFE. To recognize LIFE is to feel its delight. When we feel inspiration, when we are filled with love, we want to create beautiful things, we want to share them, and this is the abundance which is born by the Infinite LIFE.

It is not necessary to keep what we have, in such a way we will not limit ourselves with it. More precisely, if we hold something toughly, then, in reality, we do not have it. In order to see the Truth, it is necessary to look at LIFE from True "I"; and to feel the Truth, it is necessary to get into your True Essence.

It can seem difficult only at first sight. We need to create nothing. Human is an absolute system, on the Absolute’s image and similarity. EVERYTHING has been created and develops by the uniform principle. We need only to accept it, trust it, i.e. to become it. Feelings will carry us by the Space river to the True Present. And in such a way we will bring our wandering consciousness into the Divine World.

On the one hand, a person does not have enough energy for creation, joy, love; on the other hand, EVERYTHING is energy. It means that the matter is not in deficiency of energy, but in our perception and correspondence to LIFE, in our openness or closeness to LIFE. A person with limited representation limits entering energy too. In other words, a person should open to energy and then LIFE will fill space of the person. Imagine rain for simplicity of perception. It does not matter for rain to fill a glass, a bucket, a barrel or simply to create a puddle. It is the same with the uniform Energy of LIFE, it is not essential for it how much energy passes through different people. The freer is consciousness of a person, the bigger energetic space of his World is. Sometimes it turns out that space of the World of a person is big enough, but the energy input is blocked because of his correspondence to Life and, as a result, he will suppress other people or cause in them pity to himself and for this account he will be filled.

The energetic body of a person is denser than Energy of LIFE, and so, it is the form in which the rhythm of Energy of LIFE transfers into the Human life rhythm. Energy of LIFE is always in its rhythm of infinite movement. It never loses its potential. So, we just need to create a condition inside for its acceptance. And it is already philosophy. Imagine that "I" am a planet "the Earth", and your field extends at once. There is one more way - to incorporate to the Creator in yourself, then you are released from your representation and your power field does not extend but becomes more delicate, it starts to shine in tone of the uniform LIFE and to pulse in ITS rhythm. Then the person feels Creativity of LIFE. It is said about such people that there is endless energy in them, they are active and are on time everywhere. They are People of the World, they always bear creation and they really live for the World. The Truth is that we are really uniform and strong not when we are together, but when each of us is uniform with the Creator inside.

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