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New energies which have come to the planet, from within change our representation of what Life and Human are. They bear qualitatively new perception of Life, its invariable principle of Unity and its true bases of morals.

The art of Life begins with the ability to become happy.

Happiness is not a product of an external world, but it is sensation of integrity in yourself which is supported by comprehension and acceptance of a uniform principle of Life.

Each person bears the Source of all existing, the same as a fruit bears the information of the entire tree. It does not mean that it is necessary to consider yourself as God, but it is important to recognize God inside.

If a person bears fine things, he will sow the fine around. And on the contrary, everyone gives only what he has. As a musician or an artist perfects his creativity, the same with a person: he goes through Life, comprehending the art of the Creator.

Feelings are a tool to this skill. They are not simply emotions based on the chaos of experience. These are organized feelings which bear refinement of perception. They come from our Essence and get into the essence of things surrounding us.

Feelings bear energy of Life, its maintenance and sense. If they leave, Life leaves. Feelings of penetration open a quality of participation in a person, openness is a quality of freedom, faith is a quality of aspiration, and love is a quality of unity.

How do qualities of a person differ from his feelings? A kind man is kind in everything, whatever he does. Kindness is a quality. But such a person is not always gentle. Tenderness is a feeling. The same with freedom - it is a human quality. A free person in prison either will die or will destroy it.

It is impossible to sell, lose, exchange or soil true things. Therefore, they are impersonal, eternal, and cannot deceive. Possessing divine purity, durability, clear knowledge and tenderness of penetration, feelings touch the deepest places of soul, reaching the most secret in a person – the Creator.

Qualities correspond to the consciousness of a person, but feelings are a divine tool of his disclosing or enlightenment and refinement. Our consciousness starts to see the Essence of things through true feelings, so, to build correct representation of Life.

Feelings correspond to the soul, and consciousness – to the spirit. The unity of spirit and soul as the unity of male and female, creates a fundamental point of support in us. This point is an independent Source of love energy in us - the Creator, bearing sensation of fine, of what a person names a state of happiness.


Part 2

New energy bears the most delicate feelings of Space.

It awakes inspiration to Life,

to its beautiful, eternal value – Love in a human.

The art of Life begins from the ability to distinguish thoughts, words and feelings.

People sometimes think in one way, say in another way, at the same time they feel in the third way. Integrity of a person is in the unity of thoughts, words and feelings.

It is not difficult to a confident person to say what he thinks, but through words to transfer feelings of what he is; but whether he is what he teaches is another thing. Self-confidence yet does not mean to be sincere.

To become sincere is not to hide the feelings. Children are natural, because they do not embarrass themselves. Adults sometimes hide their feelings, considering them as weakness. And as a result, they lose their naturalness, i.e. uniqueness. Feelings are our children, they are live beings, and if we love ourselves, we recognize the feelings. Then they open their soul or depth of Life to us.

To open the soul to an external World means to open the feelings and, as a result, to feel freedom. Internal dependence gives birth to external slavery. A person sometimes tries to hide his internal dependence with the help of his external behavior. External dissoluteness does not define internal freedom at all; on the contrary, a free person is outwardly quiet and harmonious. Openness and trust to an external World are expressed in him.

To recognize feelings means aspiration to understand their nature. It is what we share. And we remain with words. It is possible to repeat the same words, but it is impossible to repeat the same feeling. The same as it is impossible to enter one river twice – water will always be different. Each feeling is a unique pattern. And a word is an invariable concrete form. Therefore, it is easy to repeat a word many times, but it is impossible to repeat a feeling, the feeling must be born in us.

True feelings are pure and unique. It is a divine gift which we disinterestedly share with those who we are implicated with.

The ability to distinguish thin energies and their shades is refinement of feelings. True feelings in their pure state are love – the most pathetic and tender feeling.

We share inmost things with those whom we love. Therefore, the feeling of love purifies and opens the one who bears it, first of all.

We rise from feelings of human love to divine love which unites the most perfect qualities in a human, always directed on the blessing of the Earth and Space.

To love yourself means to get into the Creator inside, so, to recognize his beauty in you. It is a condition for disclosing of your mission.

The mission is display of the Creator and it is always unique. God is shown through us, and we are shown through God. It creates unity and equality between micro and macro, both inside and outside.

The uniform principle of Life is always directed to preserve Life. Everything that occurs, even if it seems harm outwardly, is always directed on its protection.

People go to God through human consciousness. And God goes to people through love. The most exquisite feelings of love open to our consciousness what Life is – eternally beautiful, independent, awaking delight in us.

Masters of Life are people who have discovered feelings of the Creator inside. They scoop energy from this Source and fill surrounding Life with feelings of Love.

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