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A person searches conductors in an external world until he discovers a feeling of knowing inside. The true road to God is internal, i.e. a conductor to the Truth is internal too. It is impossible to come to your divine Essence through techniques and methodic, it is possible to come to the Essence through aspiration and Love. Our divine Essence is a sage in us, whom we can hear and get advice.

In order to incorporate to the divine Essence, it is necessary to open feelings. The refined feelings bear distinction between different substances in the system "Human". What is the difference between higher "I" and True "I", True "I" and «I AM», «I AM» and our divine Source, the divine Source and the Creator in us, the Creator in us and our divine Essence? Each of these names has its frequency, i.e. its face and maintenance.

The higher "I" is a top of our individual ascension. The higher "I" corresponds to the Spirit plan. Inspirations, aspiration and mission come to us through the higher “I”. When you incorporate to the higher "I", our internal core is being constructed.

True "I" is that infinite whole, a particle of which we are. True "I" is Space covering all plans of Being. It opens freedom in a person. If you incorporate to True "I", a sensation of detachment from personality appears and you feel love to Boundlessness.

If True "I" is the Whole which you can represent as a circle, then «I AM» can be represented as a point in the centre of this circle. It is a golden mean of our system which includes Spirit, Soul and Body. «I AM» opens stability and participation in a person. If we incorporate to «I AM» we leave all extreme measures or the dual World and we pass into the Unity World. In the point «I AM» we feel a fundamental support of our Life.

If «I AM» is the middle of midpoints, our Divine Source corresponds to Soul. It is, first of all, energy of soul. When you discover the divine Source, It starts to fill us with energy of true feelings. Unity with the Source is already a divine state of soul. In this case energy of an external World supplements us, but does not define. We can be in the state of joy and balance irrespective of an external World.

If internal independence is reached through the divine Source, then the deepest point in our system is the Creator in us. We incorporate to all Existing through the Creator in us. It is the beginning and the end of everything. Let’s imagine a fruit which bears a seed. The seed is a final point of one tree and a start point of a new tree. We may say that the Creator in us is a Space DNA of our Being which exists regardless time and space. When you incorporate to the Creator inside, you get into all Existing. Our Life becomes Creativity and Love, and what "I" am becomes Infinity.

If the Creator in us is EVERYTHING, our divine Essence corresponds to Soul, as the higher "I" – to Spirit. It is a top of wisdom of our soul. It is a conductor in the big Space which "I" am. The higher "I" looks as a beam, true "I" – as space, «I AM» – as a fundamental point, the Source – as a stream, the Creator – as infinity, the Essence – as a shimmering sphere of Light. And all this is included into the system "Human" or Cosmic "I" which is Real. If we incorporate to the Real, the state of rest, wisdom comes.
From the present state the past varies and the future is under construction. In this state there is no deficiency, but there is EVERYTHING.

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