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From the author.

It is possible to name everything as philosophical works – both a book, and a word, as it is possible to express the sense of the whole book in one line, and the sense of entire life – in a word. But if statements in these reflexions cause a reading person to feel disagreement – then only personal experience of search of the Truth can give an answer.

Here are expressions from the first book «Consciousness of Infinity» which reflect its Essence.

1. Where there is a limit of human imagination, there is a limit of human possibilities.

2. The knowledge that you get is always insufficient, but the search itself is perfect.

3. All things should be observed neither from above, nor from below, but from within.

4. It is necessary not to change this World, but to change you in this World.

5. Each personality is individual. Humankind is one family.

6. A person cannot lose what he is going to. He loses what he is leaving.

7. It is impossible to reach God without having given Him everything what you hold yourself.

8. Life of any form is an instant in eternity. The essence is eternity itself.

9. There is always a border of realized, as there is always unrealized behind the line.

10. Nothing disappears in the Universe, but Everything is constantly transformed.

11. The meaning of Life is movement. The essence is the maintenance.

12. Power of a person is not in his mind, but in his Spirit.

13. Everything what disappears, at first should be shown.

14. Space comprehension occurs not in Space, but in a person.

15. The rationality is defined by the measure of self-comprehension.

16. To reveal lacks of others means not to see them in yourself.

17. If you are valid to glance into eyes of your defect, it means, you have enough power to defeat it.

18. Fear is clothes of limitation.

19. A person becomes what he confirms in himself.

20. There is no final Truth. The Truth is infinite.

21. It is possible to discover new in very old, but you may also not to discover anything even in the newest.

22. To know does not mean yet to realize. Many people know, but only few realize.

23. Power is got not in victories, but in defeats.

24. Everyone in the World sees only those things which he has discovered in himself.

25. External appearance is a mirror of inner world.

26. Help comes not to those who asks, but to those who is ready to accept it.

27. Spaces of unknown open in direct ratio to knowable.

28. Everything that a person discovers in the World, is only particles of him.

29. There is the Truth in everything that exists, and Everything existing aspires to understand It.

30. There is the Truth where It is being searched.

31. It is necessary neither to condemn people nor to justify them, but to understand that everyone acts according to his consciousness.

32. If to suppose that even one haphazard is possible, then it is possible to suppose haphazard of Everything. But if there are no fortuities, there are no errors as well.

33. Rage is strong because of its impulse. Love is powerful because of its duration.

34. If a person respects himself, he respects everything what surrounds him.

35. People admire miracles. It is impossible to create anything more miraculous than Life.

36. There is a relationship of cause and effect in everything. Everyone bears the reason and everyone meets its consequence.

37. Many men, many ways to the Truth.

38. Many defeats, many victories.

39. All ingenious is in simplicity. A mirror is simple, but everyone sees himself in it.

40. Movement of Everything is defined by evolution. Movement of everyone is determined by his tendency.

41. People keep years, but waste the Life.

42. To acknowledge the Truth means to aspire to the Truth.

43. It is impossible to love far things without having loved close ones.

44. It is impossible to grow fond of God, without having grown fond of yourself.

45. It is necessary to search not for a place, where silence is, but silence in yourself; not an occasion for joy, but joy itself.

46. Only a pure soul can feel a pure soul.

47. Fire lights icon lamps. Love lights hearts.

48. If love lives in the heart, the person has no fear.

49. Having changed yourself, you will also change others.

50. Accusing others, we justify ourselves.

51. An essence of our children’s education is in education of ourselves.

52. Creativity is in Spirit, and Spirit of creativity is everywhere.

53. A person without Spirit is like clothes without a person.

54. Those things which surround us are not as important as our relation to them.

55. The more we consider something ours, the more we depend on it.

56. Everyone gets love as much as he can give.

57. Consciousness is always in one point, and the point is in

Infinity of consciousness.

58. The way of consciousness is infinite, a consciousness trace is visible.

59. Life is movement. A thought is ITS trailblazer.

60. The reason of any illness is spiritual. The sense is not so much in treatment of a person, but more in expansion of his consciousness.

61. A person always misses his integrity and it pushes him to search himself. Search of yourself is a search of true "I" with whom there is everything where "I" am.

62. It is not a form that is perfect, but the movement itself.

63. To be able is an art to express yourself in everything what you touch.

64. We always wish to learn what we aspire to.

I love Life, therefore, I wish to acknowledge it.