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Letters of Mahatmas / April 2013

We say that there is no ultimate goal or a final way. There is an infinite reality in which we exist. Do not come back to the things that have already been done, direct to the one who YOU ARE.

Smile, your smile is the Keeper of joy.

Your calmness is the Keeper of balance.

Your love is the Keeper of Life.

A person is not surprised when gardens start to blossom. Be not surprised when luminosity will be shown around you.

The nature grants its beauty infinitely, we infinitely grant our Love to the nature.

An open heart knows: When there is no harmony in a person, it means that the centre of the system "Human" has been displaced and has become property of a fragment. A fiery heart is our tuning fork, therefore, if fiery of the heart disappears, Life of the System blows out.

The heart thread connects us with the Unity of Life, as the thread of the Unity connects everyone to the Essence.

It is necessary to pass many roads to find the way. We always direct, but we do not define steps of a person. Remember: the awakened one has no purpose, but tendency; there is no property, but there is care in him. The way is Labor. Labor in joy is co-Creation.

You are pilgrims. We are ways.

Learn to rejoice not only what You have, but what You are. Get into your Essence. A source of true value is not in an external world, but in a person. Realise and remember – then you will not go blind in illusion.

Human is a majestic being in his Boundlessness, as sometimes a petty one – in his limitation.

A tinkling sound - clears up. A fast thought – penetrates. A deep feeling – gets into. A quality of honesty transforms into sincerity in a mature individual. A quality of justice transforms into wisdom. A quality of openness transforms into freedom. Sincerity is a state of luminosity, Wisdom is a state of enlightenment. Freedom is a state of flight.

Qualities are tools of a personality. A state is a skill of an individual.

Even a skilled pilgrim can go astray. Learn to distinguish signs which We send. Falling is always unexpected, but movement to it is predicted.

It is impossible to betray anybody except for yourself, as it is impossible to forgive anyone except for yourself.

Look at your Life as at a short journey, and then you will be able to make it a wonderful adventure. Only illusion dies. In illusion a person learns to live in the Reality in which there is no time, so, there is no relationship of cause and effect. Everything occurs simultaneously. In the reality each being is in a divine state, in which he supports his Eternity himself.

Aspire to your internal immortal Essence, and then the existing perfect Reality will open to you.

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