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The galactic keys

15 Июня 2012

We were born on the border of two Epochs and we are witnesses of amazing time, a unique moment. Something, that was hidden earlier, is shown now. Energies of new forms and qualities of Life come to the Planet from the depths of Boundlessness. Reasonable mutual relations between Space and individual consciousness of a person are being built. The Creator is shown in a person, and it means that he has a real possibility to become free and happy.

People search for the Truth in an external World, but you may find it only in yourself. New time has come with its own keys and the language. Speaking this language is the ability to perceive and understand energy through feelings, to distinguish and transfer it.

Everything that is connected with transformations on the Earth, relates to the Galactic Center. The Galactic Center is the Central Space House which many Earth dwellers have visited in their clear dreams and feelings. In the Galactic Center there is a Galactic Council, the members of which are representatives of all Galaxies of our Universe. One of the tasks of the Galactic Assembly is to adapt the Planet Earth for processes of the Universe and to create a certain membrane through which these processes will get into life of earth dwellers in a more harmonious way. Therefore, there are grandiose transformations on the planet and Knowledge, which corresponds to the Epoch, is being discovered. The Galactic Keys are one of the tools of this Knowledge.


“The Key of Creation” geometrically in volume looks like a cone, and graphically it is constructed by the principle of cell division. The newborn cell 1 divides into two 2 (1+1). From two appears four 4, that is the third cell bears the information of the first cell (1), plus the information of the second cell (1+1), plus the information of the third cell (1), (1 + (1+1) +1 = 4). And so on, from four has appeared eight. From eight – 16. From sixteen – 32. From thirty- two – 64. The seventh cell bears the information of sixty- four information cells, that is the information of all cells, reflecting, thereby, a cellular kernel.

Imagine a clock. Hour, minute and second hands do different quantity of turns per day. But at the same time they are in full synchronism of a uniform rhythm.

When such phenomenon as parade of planets takes place, the planets are on one line, showing absolute synchronism in the rhythm of Space clock. Incorporating to the Galactic key, we adjust our internal rhythms on uniform Space pulse. It opens a possibility to restore our inner world and to harmonise it with the World external.

In our scheme there are seven rhythms. The seventh rhythm is number sixty-four 64. If to apply numerology, in whole, number sixty-four is number ten (6+4) =10. One 1 has appeared from a zero 0. Ten 10 is one 1 going to a zero 0.

2. The key «Matrix of Consciousness»

The key «Matrix of Consciousness» bears a kernel or «The Key of Creation». The second circle round the kernel is Each circle is built on the basis of a previous one. For example, construction of the third circle occurs on the basis of the second.

1+2=3. 2+4=6. 4+8=12. 8+16=24.

16+32=48. 32+64=96. 64+1=65.

In the same way, construction of the fourth circle occurs on the basis of the third.

3+6=9. 6+12=18. 12+24=36. 24+48=72.

48+96=144. 96+65=161. 65+3=68.

There is a mathematical pattern between numbers and circles. If to add the numbers of the second circle

1+2+4+8+16+32+64=127 (1+2+7=10).

(1+0=1) then we will get number 1.

If to add the numbers of the third circle

3+6+12+24+48+96+65=254 (2+5+4=11)

(1+1=2) then we will get number 2.

If to add the numbers of the fourth circle

9+18+36+72+144+161+68=508 (5+0+8=13) (1+3=4) then we will get number 4.

By means of the galactic keys it is possible to restore a body at cellular and endocellular levels. For this purpose we look at the drawing «The Key of Creation» and we incorporate to it. The thought is «I adjust a kernel of each cell on vibration of the Key of Creation». The process of endocellular clarification begins. The vibration appears in us to which a kernel of each cell starts to react. Then we look at the key «Matrix of Consciousness» and incorporate to it. The thought is «I adjust each cell on vibration of the Matrix of Consciousness». The process of division of healthy cells begins. Then we look at the key «The Flower of the Creator» and we incorporate to it. Harmonisation of all processes begins. It is enough to incorporate to the keys once or twice a day, to each key for some minutes and there will be a process of clarification, restoration and rejuvenation at cellular level. Negative programs from cellular consciousness also pass away.

3. The key «Flower of the Creator»

The key «Flower of the Creator» bears «The Key of Creation» and «Matrix of Consciousness». If the Key «Matrix of Consciousness» opens consciousness in a person, the Key «Flower of the Creator» – feelings. Each Key is universal and bears endless potential. If to look at the Key «Flower of the Creator», it is possible to get into gardens of the Creator, into this divine beauty of Life.

Galactic Keys are the Tool of Spirit, Soul and Body.

Looking at the drawing, accept the Flower of the Creator by your heart. Let the Flower blossom in your heart, blood, then in each cell. This exercise intensifies Vital force.

2. Concentrate your look on the Flower for 2-3 minutes, after visible sensation of movement of the Flower shut your eyes for 30 seconds. This exercise helps disclosing of sphere of feelings.


Looking at the drawing, accept it by your heart and entrust your consciousness to the Matrix of Consciousness. Numbers are the keys opening our possibilities harmoniously, or Worlds inside Worlds.

2. Wish your cells to adjust on energy of the Matrix. This exercise promotes activization of cellular consciousness.


Wish to incorporate to the Key by each organ, a cell, an atom. Trust this process and wish the internal Creator to be shown.

This exercise harmonises and restores a rhythm of each organ or system, as well as all the body.

2. It is possible to consider the matrix «The Key of Creation» as a tree of Life of Mothers and Fathers of your family.

Grains of terrestrial lives of fathers and mothers are genetically transferred in the inheritance to next generations. These are certain qualities: talent, defect, virtue, health or illnesses. And only a person defines how he will dispose of the inheritance: what he will correct, what he will keep, what he will increase.

To come to integrity, it is necessary to restore links of unity of generations, that is to clean blanks – the information bearing a negative: curses, insults, aggression, etc.

1 is I. 2 – Father and Mother. 4 - Mother and Father of my mother and Mother and Father of my father. And so on for seven generations. Total 127 people – 63 women and 63 men. The karmic line is traced to the seventh generation. (Look at the scheme).

To transform the information of your family, it is necessary to incorporate to the matrix «The Key of Creation», and with gratitude, forgiveness and love to touch each line of the family to the seventh generation, (i.e. each line of the drawing). Then address to the kernel of the Earth with a feeling of Blessing of all your race as "I" am its seed.


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